CCTV camera installation cost

What does a CCTV installation or CCTV camera installation cost? Well a typical CCTV camera installation cost in your area will be around £599 to £999 plus vat for 4 Cameras fully installed. But this would also depend on the megapilxl camera quality you choose and the brand of system. Simple do you want cheap and chearfull or top quality.

At CCTV camera installation services near me, we only install the best CCTV equipment on the market. This is because we want to be the best CCTV company in the UK. The CCTV suppliers we use are, Hikvision, Uniview, Lorex, Spro and Qvis

Based on CCTV UK, these are by far the best CCTV systems on the market to date. But, for more information on these fantastic CCTV cameras and the CCTV camera installation costs just call me on 07860244274 to talk about the best CCTV cameras in the UK.

CCTV camera installation cost
CCTV Camera Installation Costs

What is CCTV?

So what is CCTV? let’s learn about what CCTV means. (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere.

What is CCTV and how does it work? CCTV cameras work by following the schematic diagram below: CCTV stands forClosed Circuit Television. The CCTV systems include CCTV cameras, video recorder, central and remote monitoring. Analogue CCTV means the CCTV system is set up to send its signal to a digital video recorder (DVR) through BNC cable.

Why is CCTV used and What is the main purpose of CCTV? Closed-circuit television, better known as CCTV, allows you to monitor your properties it the most convenient yet effective way. CCTV Cameras are very important in monitoring some places in particular to prevent theft. Also, its used for the businesses, control inventory and to maximize productivity.

How much does it cost to install CCTV Cameras?

When it comes to cameras, your options are endless. Low-end cameras can go for affordable prices, but cameras with really good features and resolution are more expensive. Different types of cameras are also available: wired and wireless cameras.

In addition to that, you can choose between a CCTV camera that transmits black-and-white videos and one that shows coloured footage. CCTV Installation services can handle many types of CCTV systems and various security camera systems ranging from complex multi-camera systems. A single security camera, IP security cameras, with remote access and or networked.

Because CCTV Installation services experience with the leading-edge technology enables us to provide you with guidance and support during all parts of the implementation process. Whether it’s a small CCTV security camera system, like those used to monitor a shop with only a few security cameras. Or a large-scale warehouse installation requiring numerous types of security cameras and other CCTV equipment, CCTV Installation services can provide it.

Cost of a CCTV Installation

Cost of CCTV camera at home

CCTV camera Installation syatems are becoming more common not just in offices and commercial establishments but also in private residences. Basic Surveillance systems are not as expensive as they used to be. This is due to advances in technology that have made such equipment more affordable than ever.

However, the total amount that you would need to spend on a CCTV system installation may vary. This is depending on things like cameras, USB extenders, software, power line adaptors and LCD monitor screens. Any additional features will drive up the installation cost.

4 camera cctv installation cost

Whats a 4 camera cctv installation cost near me? Well one of the most cost affective systems would be a Hikvison 4 channel system. Also, from the world No.1 manufacturer of DVR’s & NVR’s this is Hikvision’s new network video recorder with 4K Ultra High Definition video output. This impressive NVR has up to 4K (8MP) resolution recording with 80Mbps incoming bandwidth.

CCTV 160Mbps outgoing bandwidth and 2 SATA interfaces for installing up to 2 x 6TB hard drives (12TB Max). It uses the latest H.265 video encoding for 40-50% lower bit rates and storage than traditional H.264. This has 4 built-in POE ports provide data and power allowing plug and play capability when using Hikvision IP cameras for easy installation. We recommend using Hikivision cameras to guarantee compatibility and easy setup. The NVR will be shipped with optional hard drives installed.

Depending onif you choose will affect the cost of a camera system. But 4 CCTV IP Cameras will be around £999 fitted or 4 CCTV dome cameras will be around £699 fully installed. One the CCTV Installation is completed they should provide you with CCTV stickers to say that there are CCTV Live recordings.

4 camera cctv installation cost
cost of dvr for cctv - CCTV Camera Installation Costs

Cost of DVR for CCTV Installation

What’s the Cost of a DVR for CCTV? This would depend on the Cameras you have installed at the moment or if your buying new. But as a typical DVR 4 channel 2mp, you could probly have someone supply and fit for £199 plus vat. Now you could try a different system like CCTV suppliers Dahua for example.

Who is Dahua? They are high-end CCTV alongside Hivision DVRs. With the ever-increasing CCTV camera needs, A NVR IP CCTV 4k camera is at the front-end, also known as Network camera systems. Which can easily respond to industrial and large-scale organisations with the ease of CCTV installation and use?

Furthermore, Dahuas CCTV HD camera offers high-quality picture resolution it offers, and the ability to record for long periods to meet all your needs in the field of CCTV Cameras. So in this case, if you want IP you would have an NVR installed for the IP cameras. For more information on CCTV Installation and Security camera replacement contact the installation team today.

How much does a cctv camera cost?

One of the most common questions asked is, How much does a CCTV camera cost?. Now the problem is there are some many to choose from but there are 2mp, 5mp and 4K CCTV 8mp cameras. Now at the moment they only really go up to 8MP 4K but very soon 12mp will be here and so will AI cameras.

The fact that IP cameras now have image resolutions as high as 15 Mega Pixels. This is the indication that shortly there will be cameras with even better image quality and resolution than ever imagined. At CCTV installations service we believe that this means that IP cameras will take the sole lead in CCTV camera manufacturing.

So let us give you some examples of CCTV Camera Costs 2 MP Camera replacement or installations will set you back around £120 plus vat. Also, a 5MP Camera would be £140 plus vat and 4K will be around £199 plus vat. But these prices are only an average it will change depending on the country, size of building and brand. You can also get CCTV mini camera installations from £199 with a DVR.

How much does a cctv camera cost
How much does it cost to install a CCTV Camera - CCTV Camera Installation Costs

CCTV camera setup cost

Connecting cameras couldn’t be simpler. Just connect your camera to the back of the unit, ensure there is also power going into the camera and a picture should appear. For IP cameras simply click the search option to scan the network for available IP CCTV cameras and click add to assign the camera to the NVR. Each unit also has a simple system to connect to a mobile app.

Just scan a QR code on your mobile device to install the app and then scan another QR Code to copy all the settings to the app. Once connected you can view your cameras wherever you have an internet connection, even if you are abroad. You can even download dedicated software for your PC or Mac to view your footage. If you were to struggle you could always let us do it for you with prices starting from £69+vat.

Furthermore, The CCTV camera setup cost will be different for businesses. CCTV Installation services may charge extra for every additional camera that you need because of the cable runs involved. If you’re mounting these cameras on areas that are not easily reached, prepare to pay a higher amount as this will also take alert more effort and time to install.

Remote cctv installation monitoring costs

There is 2 ways to look at remote cctv monitoring costs, the first is external monitoring via another company. firstly, the cost of this can be quite expensive but if you just use it when your away that could be cost affective. Secondly, you can just setup alarts and monitor it your self. With our CCTV Installation its Security in the palm of your hand.

Accessing your CCTV footage remotely couldn’t be easier. Simply download and install our free App and gain access to live viewing or recorded footage from anywhere where there’s a network connection. Motion detection alert, Have your CCTV system monitor your home and workplace and contact you when there’s movement.

Get an image sent by email whenever a motion detected event is triggered. Monitor only specific areas for movement or anywhere within the picture. In an age where image quality is important storage space plays a vital part in how much can be stored. Rather than recording a static room or view you can set your CCTV system to only record when it detects movement. You can even set your schedule to save footage up to 5 seconds before the motion is detected.

CCTV Installation and remote cctv monitoring costs
Outdoor cctv camera installation uk

Outdoor cctv cameras uk

Do you wish to keep your office/home safe while you are away from the particular place? If yes, then Outdoor cctv cameras are indeed a right choice for you, especially for security and surveillance purpose. An Outdoor cctv camera installation is known as the personification of protection and safety which further uses a modern technology that helps to protect our homes as well as offices.

In recent years, Outdoor CCTV cameras have gained immense popularity regarding security measure majorly due to the benefit that it offers. Some of the advantages that are associated with Outdoor CCTV cameras are monitoring activities, gathering evidence, maintaining records to name a few. Outdoor CCTV security is a must-have in this day and age.

You can easily find the cameras in all the parts of the localities such as colleges, industrial areas, schools, restaurants, residential complexes, etc. So, after looking at the high demand for the camera installations, Outdoor CCTV cameras has come up with some excellent cameras having a wide range of features. Furthermore, the CCTV camera types are available in HD quality and moreover at a very affordable price.

Cost of night vision cctv camera

As technology evolves, CCTV Installation services continually monitor our fixed price offerings to be able to offer the best value for money. CCTV Installation services recently announced that Hikvision launched the new 3MP (Darkfighter Lite) and 5MP (EXIR) Dome Cameras to replace the existing 4MP line up.

During this write up, CCTV Installation services are going to show you the differences between the two cameras. but first, here is a little explanation of the two options and what they provide. In the darkness, all colours fade to grey and for the best security performance, you need to be sure that you comprehend all details in every situation.

A city surveillance solution, for example, will expose a graffiti artist not just as a silhouette, but as colourful and detailed as his creation. While in darkness all these colours seem grey, Hikvision’s Darkfighter Lite cameras show the true colours. The Darkfighter Lite is the first camera in the industry to have these innovations incorporated. The revolutionary full-colour image, the patented EXIR technology and new bulb cover design make this camera suitable for all low light challenged indoor and outdoor settings.

Dark Fighter CCTV Installation
HI watch CCTV Cameras

Hikvision CCTV Installation

Hikvision CCTV cameras are by far one of the most popular brands on the market and hikvision uk is still growing. Hikvision ip camera installations are no longer just for businesses there now affordable for homes with the amazing 8MP 4K CCTV Hikvision cameras. Furthermore, you would use a Hikvision nvr not the hikvision DVR.

Also on the rise are the hikvision wifi camera collection but you would be better looking at hikvision online as you may want to check the reviews. aT CCTV Installation Services we think that they all work ok at close range but will always prefer wired. But we will install Wireless for you if you prefer. There is a cheaper option available on the market by Hikvision called watch CCTV.

The HiWatch digital video recording platform is the ideal solution for creating an innovative HD analogue and IP CCTV architecture. A single comprehensive software solution enables vertical management of the entire system, whether it is IP or analogue. It supports up to 256 devices, 4 monitor outputs, live and playback viewing, maps with alarm functionality, pop-up video cameras, event logs, remote configuration and multi-level user management.

Dahua CCTV Installation kit

So who are Dahua? With more than 16,000 employees and over 50% engaged in R&D, Dahua solutions, products, and services are applied in over 180 countries and regions. Since the launch of the industry’s first self-developed 8-channel embedded DVR in 2002, Dahua Technology has devoted itself to technological innovation.

Dahua CCTV Installation Engineers have been continually increasing its investment in R&D, putting around 10% of its annual sales revenue into R&D. The company continues to explore emerging opportunities based on video IoT technologies and has already established a business in machine vision, video conferencing systems, professional drones, electronic license plates, RFID, and robotics etc.

Also did you know Dahua 4mp CCTV Camera and Dahua surveillance have some amzing dvr dahua, dahua nvr easy4ip. Dahua camera installations are avalibe at CCTV Installation services near me. Our CCTV Engineers use the latest in dahua ip camera technolage. CCTV Installations we use dahua wide angle camera, camera 360 dahua, dahua 3mp ip camera price, camera dahua poe, dahua wireless and dahua indoor camera. Whay not contact us for dahua wireless ip camera price.

CCTV Installation - Dahua CCTV Camera Kits
CCTV Installations by Spro CCTV Cameras


SPRO CCTV Installation is a leading brand of video surveillance technology products. Did you know that SPRO CCTV Installation are a UK based brand with locally based sales, support, training facilities and products. SPRO partner with leaders in respective areas to make sure our customers enjoy the latest and the best technologies. SPRO CCTV Installation have a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different security levels and project scale.

AT SPRO home installation retail CCTV products are easy to install and use, provide tablet/smartphone viewing through the SPRO free app compatible with Apple and Android devices. For desktop and laptop users there is also software available on both Windows and Apple Macs.

There SPRO high-quality CCTV systems are committed to providing the highest quality product with the latest technology this is to provide the best user experience. CCTV Installation service engineers work on cutting edge technologies in a camera lens, image sensor, video encoding & transmission, embedded processor, graphic processing, video analytics, software reliability and network security technology.

Uniview CCTV

Uniview CCTV Installation service is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. Firstly introduced IP video surveillance to China, Uniview now is the third largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2017, Uniview has the 6th largest global market share. Uniview tec is one of CCTV Installation services prefered equipment.

Ask to see the unv camera price list. Uniview has complete IP video surveillance product lines including IP cameras, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Storage, uniview license plate camera. They also have Client Software and app, covering diverse vertical markets including retail, building, industry, education, commercial, city surveillance etc.

Also, uniview camera systems are amazing when you use unv 4mp cameras. Uniview CCTV Installation service aim is to become a global leader in the video surveillance industry which endeavours to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and services. Cristal clear view dome cameras that use uniview onvif formate so you can use them on other onvif DRVs. Like the uniview 5mp IP camera works on the Hikvision NVR.

CCTV Installation - Uniview CCTV
CCTV Camera Installation - Lorex CCTV Camera Kit

lorex CCTV cameras

If you decide that you would rather buy your own and would like CCTV Installation services to install it for you the we recomend cctv costco. Costco offer an amazing CCTV kit by Lorex. Also, Lorex 4k cctv systems are extremly good value for money. Lorex is one of the best over the counter security camera CCTV systems and are cost effective if you want to install CCTV.

CCTV at home is a great way to keep an eye on your property and your vehicle as the crime rate is rising for cars and vans being broken into. Furthermore, CCTV for Home is excellent for when you away just give you that peace of mind that you can check in anytime. Security cameras from Lorex use infrared LED lights around the lens to shine invisible infrared light on this scene in front of the camera.

Security cameras with Color Night Vision, however, contain especially powerful image sensors that are more sensitive to light. This allows the sensor to absorb more visible light, which allows the cameras to continue to provide colour in low-light conditions. Domestic CCTV costs are low in comparison to Commercial CCTV installations that’s why Lorex is a good choice.

CCTV wireless for home in UK

CCTV wireless camera installation services are becoming popular since they have become more reliable and have longer-lasting batteries. Wireless CCTV camera setup cost is around £69 per camera and if CCTV Installation service supplies the kit you would be looking around £799. These are wireless CCTV outdoor camera. CCTV yale have some ok systems.

Another is CCTV Argos as they have some cheap wireless cameras that can be used indoor, so you can monitor your home. CCTV camera kits, CCTV wifi camera and Argos CCTV cameras. Another option is a Swann CCTV system. Swan also do a decent 4K IP system which is one that I would be inclined to recommend if you want to buy a Swan CCTV Camera system.

The company’s products are available through some of the largest ‘bricks and mortar’ and online retailers in the world including – Best Buy, Argos CCTV, Lowes, Amazon, Screwfix, Costco Wholesale and many more. Also, there is another option which is Nest CCTV Cameras. But if all else fails just contact The CCTV Installation team and we will sort something out.

Swann CCTV Camera Installation
CCTV Installation Costs - CCTV Doorbell Installation

CCTV Doorbell Installation

This year has been the CCTV Doorbell boom, now that they are cheap and high quality the camera door bell is must have. With the wireless battery built in this means there is no need for cctv cable to be run. The only thing that would be amazing is if you could attach the Doorbell to the CCTV Dvr.

Is there any need for CCTV for a car if the doorbell picks anyone walking up the drive? The answer is the more the better. More cameras more chance of catching the thief, CCTV cost-benefit analysis is what you need to think about. Also the CCTV average cost vs CCTV alarm cost.

In some installations, The CCTV adapter cost needs to be taken into consideration if you are trying to combine the alarm with CCTV so the PIR of the alarm triggers the CCTV. You would probably be better using an external company to monitor your system or use an app that can notify you when they’re triggered.

CCTV with audio

Surveillance cameras with built-in microphones allow the easiest connection to a security video recorder. HDCVI cameras don’t need a cable with an audioconnector; the audio signal is combined with the video signal. … For IP cameras with audio, theaudio/video/power signals are carried over one network cable. Can CCTV camera, or IP camera record audio (sound)? Yes, that is the simple answer.

CCTV camera or IP Camera can, of course, record audio, together with the CCTV microphone video image. However, two types of CCTV cameras – analogue CCTV camera, and IP CCTV camera record the sound in different manners: Analog CCTV – the audio input is directly fed into the DVR. It means, between the DVR and the microphone (audio input device), it is the analogue signal transmission.

The digitalisation of the audio signal is done at the recorder level. The limitation of how many microphones can be installed of this solution would be the number of inputs allowed by the DVR. IP CCTV camera – the audio input is fed into the IP Camera. Between IP camera and the microphone, it’s the analogue signal transmission. However, digitalisation of the audio signal is done at the IP camera level. And it will be a digital signal to transmit to the NVR.

CCTV Cameras with Audio
CCTV Installation and CCTV Monitoring Prices

CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring is avalible from many companys and all charge different prices and the best thing to do is figure out what it is you need. For example you might only need CCTV monitoring for when you go away. Or it could be that your having big trouble so external monitoring could be an option. Companys like ADT CCTV are one option but find out about Qviz monitoring costs.

Another reason for CCTV monitoring is if your having work is done on your house, building or have loads of tools and vans that may need 24/7 monitoring. Also, many large commercial buildings such as car sales need CCTV Monitoring after there CCTV Installation.

The final option is to Monitor CCTV on your mobile phone. This can be done by setting motion detection or line crossing so if there is movement it will notify you within seconds. But the downfall is if you miss it you will have to hope your partner has it on their phone and catch them in the act. You can always look at CCTV cloud storage costs and use that for CCTV remote monitoring costs.


One of the latest registration recognition cameras is the Qviz 3mp ANPR Camera. The New Licence Plate recognition camera offers high quality images and the opportunity to monitor vehicle registration plates around your premises.

The camera captures front and rear plates whilst preventing any tearing or distortion in the image, even when the vehicle is moving at high speeds(less than 55mph guaranteed). It is also capable of reading plates that are obscured by mud, dirt or other debris, in any light level. The camera adapts automatically to changing light conditions and is not blinded out by headlights.

For more information about ANPR CCTV Installation services just contact Gary on 07860244274 and he will be happy to discuss the different options when it comes to CCTV Installations. But feel free to get the spec of the ANPR camera by clicking the image or View CCTV Installation spec here.

ANPR Reg Cameras CCTV Installation
CCTV Drain Inspection Services

CCTV drainage survey costs

If your looking for local Drain CCTV Camera specialsts then look no further the CCTV Installation team can help you out. With over 25 years in CCTV camera installations we will fix you up in no time. So what are the CCTV drain survey costs you ask? or the CCTV Drain costs?There is no way to no untill we know how far you want CCTV Installation service need to see.

Conducting Drain inspections can sometimes be a challenging task due to the proximity to hazards, limited access spaces or large inspection areas ranging many kilometres. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, offer a unique range of benefits as an asset management tool for pipeline inspection and detection of integrity issues. Here, we look at these benefits and how a unique drone on the UK market can further expand inspection capabilities to confined spaces.

Water and sewer pipelines require regular inspection and maintenance monitoring to remain compliant and ensure the efficiency and longevity of the assets. In utilising UAV technology to carry out routine inspections, you can cover large areas of land and enter tight spaces in a short amount of time while also improving employee safety, lowering expenditure and reducing downtime. Contact CTV sewer inspection costs today.

CCTV 360 Camera

One of the best 360 cameras on the market is Dahua Fisheye Cameras. These amazing 360 cameras provide detailed panoramic views in a compact, low-profile design. The STARVIS™ lowlight sensor combined with a fisheye lens provides a high-quality 360° panoramic view without blind spots. Rember if you want a 36o camera CCTV Installation just give Gary a call and he will come to do a free survey.

This, in turn, making the camera the ideal solution for wide and open areas, such as airports, shopping malls and banks. The camera offers multiple de-warping modes for different installations and configurations that enhance the video to fit a specific scene. The IP67 environmental protection rating and IK10 vandal resistance ensure the camera operates in the harshest environments.

Experience the superior clarity of 5MP and 12MP video and the range of a 180° panoramic fisheye camera. The camera delivers high-quality images with crisp details and accurate colour rendition, even under complex lighting conditions thanks to True WDR (120 dB). The compact camera replaces multiple single-sensor cameras providing a higher return on investment for your security dollars, making it an excellent choice for small to mid-size business applications. The fisheye camera features powerful dewarping modes that solve the problem of distortion in the circular panoramic view.

360 4k CCTV Camera Installation
AI CCTV Camera Installation Company

AI CCTV Camera Systems

This era is called to be Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things(IoT), it is operated by robots and they are replaced the human. The local CCTV Installation Services mention the Artificial Intelligence for CCTV Cameras, Video Surveillance, it applies for this industry.

There has never been a better time to protect your property with CCTV; modern innovations have allowed security camera companies to create high-definition, fully manoeuvrable, internet-connecting cameras that provide their operators with an even wider range of flexibility than ever before. So where next for the CCTV camera industry?

Regardless of the industry in mind, automation seems to be the next step in their evolution — and CCTV is no different. Machine learning techniques are being tested in the hope that they’ll provide CCTV cameras with the ability to spot ‘troubling behaviour’ without the need for a human operator. And this means that if you want AI CCTV Installation then contact us today.

CCTV Hard Drives

Best Surveillance Hard Disk Drive for CCTV and DVR: Note that every hard disk drive mentioned in this list is a monitoring or enterprise level hard drive. Most stop them are available in different capacities ranging from 1TB to 10 TB, select the appropriate one according to the based on the ability of your DVT system. For example, if a DVR supports capacity from 2 TB to 10 TB, it will not support a 512 GB or 1 TB hard disk drive.

1. Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance Hard Drive: It works pretty well regardless of what system is being used by you. You can use it on any DVR; you can pair it with windows or Mac, whatever you have it will work just fine. This is available in different variations in size. If you are planning to record 24×7 camera channels, you want to go with 6 GB one or more. Since the hard disk is capable of enduring much of workload; it works with DVR surveillance quite well too. Here is a glance at specs:

2. WD Purple Surveillance HDD: Western digital exclusively manufactures purple surveillance HDD series for modern security system standards. They are written intensive and low bit rate storage devices, making them extremely suitable for high steam count application and most of the surveillance applications. Enhanced surveillance performance is delivered with the prioritized write operations.

BEST CCTV Hard drive CCTV Installation
CCTV Installation Questions
CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTVrelies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere.
CCTV cameras work by follow the schematic diagram below: CCTV stands forClosed Circuit Television. The CCTV systems includes CCTV cameras, video recorder, central and remote monitoring. Analog means the CCTV system is set up to send its signal to a digital video recorder (DVR) through BNC cable.
A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or set of monitors. More and more of us are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems.
The majority of CCTV cameras can be easily hacked. Your CCTV camera might make you feel physically safer, but after reading this article, it will sure make you feel virtually vulnerable. … According to the report, one device was hacked within a few minutes, while the rest were done and dusted within a day.
It is useful in allowing you to protect and prevent the loss of your company’s important documents and properties that are proprietary and confidential. Safer working environment – CCTV helps to ensure adherence to health and safety policies and can be invaluable in staff training.
Even your IP CCTV cameras are without Internet access, you can still get video surveillance for your remote farm, off-grid cabin, rural home, and other areas withoutInternet or WiFi connection. You can get local recording even your security cameras have no Internet access.
Expect a basic entry level system to cost £225 for four cameras and an additional£300 for professional installation should you require it. A basic eight camera system will set you back around £800 with an additional £500 for professional installation.
  • Dome CCTV Camera. …
  • Bullet CCTV Camera. …
  • C-Mount CCTV Camera. …
  • Day/Night CCTV Camera. …
  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera. …
  • Network/IP CCTV Camera. …
  • Wireless CCTV Camera. …
  • High-Definition HD CCTV Camera.

The role of Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) was created under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA). The SCC was appointed by the Home Secretary and is independent of government.

The SCC’s statutory functions are to encourage compliance with the Home Secretary’s Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (the SC Code) and its 12 guiding principles, which if followed will ensure that surveillance camera systems are only operated proportionately, transparently and effectively.

The SC Code applies to the overt use of surveillance camera systems that are operated by relevant authorities only (police forces, local authorities and parish councils) in public places in England and Wales, regardless of whether or not there is any live viewing or recording of images or information or associated data.

The SCC does not regulate the use of domestic CCTV systems, nor does he have powers which enable him to inspect or audit CCTV systems, enforce laws or otherwise impose a financial or other sanction.

Under the provisions of PoFA, relevant authorities must pay due regard to the SC Code. However, the SCC also encourages other organisations operating CCTV systems, and those operating domestic CCTV systems, to adopt the SC Code on a voluntary basis.

How many CCTV Cameras are there in the UK?

CCTV surveillance cameras are in the number of 4 million to 6 million in the UK, according to a report from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

‘The Picture Is Not Clear’ is the name of the report, that was originally published in 2013. It estimates the number of cameras in over 200 sectors of the economy, ranging from schools to sewage works.

The BSIA used a complex method to determine high, low and medium figures for each sector. They then added the number together to produce estimates in each category. The low estimate is 4 million cameras, the medium estimate is 4.9 million and the high estimate is nearly 6 million. Importantly, they counted ALL CCTV surveillance cameras, regardless of whether they face the public or not. Previous studies have produced figures ranging from 1.85 million to 4.2 million which are far less than this report shows.

The BSIA claims this study represents the most comprehensive report on the number of CCTV cameras used in the UK.  There is no single reliable source of data so no-one will ever truly know the exact figure. However, the middle of the BSIA’s range suggests that there are around 5 million cameras.  A key finding of the research is that the proportion of cameras controlled by local government is around 1 in 70.  The government’s current regulation will initially cover only a tiny proportion of CCTV systems.

Private companies fund most of the nation’s CCTV because it offers the best return on investment. These same companies provide the majority of footage for the police.  Effective CCTV schemes are an invaluable source of crime detection and evidence for the Police. For example, in 2009, 95 percent of Scotland Yard murder cases used CCTV footage as evidence.

Pauline Norstrom, vice chair of the BSIA’s CCTV section, said, “There is a popular misconception that the camera population in the UK is owned by the Government. The BSIA statistics set the record straight once and for all. It is private businesses who own the material camera population, not the Government. Day to day, these cameras are not available to the Government and law enforcement agencies, they are busy working to protect their owner’s premises.

“It is only when a major crime occurs, that the Police ask business owners if they have captured any footage of criminals passing through the private cameras field of view. Without the help of businesses investing in their privately-owned systems, the Police would only have access to the one publically-owned camera per 1,000 head of population.”

CCTV systems are becoming more prominent in the protection of homes and businesses. For more information about our CCTV systems, please contact us.

CIA is proud to be BAFE SP203 approved and NSI Gold accredited for both security and fire alarm systems. CIA has ISO 9001:2015 certification, which shows our commitment to excellence. We are on the approved register of installers for over 35 different constabularies within the UK and Ireland.

CCTV operator jobs

We currently need a CCTV Installation engineer for areas across the UK. This will run along side installing TV aerials and Cat5 cabling. If you are interested please contact us today. This is an opportunity for an exciting career with one of the UK’s leading security companies. iFacility specialise in providing UK-wide IP network-based security systems and remote monitoring.

We are looking for a competent and experienced field engineer to perform a service engineer role in central England. You will be home-based and will cover the whole of the South of England, dedicated to working with a specific retail client. You will attend to all manner of install, reactive and service-based work on analogue & IP CCTV systems for this client.

The ideal candidate will be a motivated and capable engineer. They will have a good range of experience with different security systems. They will be easy-going but hardworking and need to be friendly and approachable when dealing with others. They will be quite independent, being comfortable working in a range of environments with minimal guidance. They will need to be flexible schedule-wise. Being in a position of responsibility and privilege they will be trustworthy and honest in their conduct, and be able to pass a security check.

CCTV Engineer Jobs - CCTV Installation
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