TV Aerials Sheffield 

TV Aerials Sheffield are only a phone call away, call today to book an appointment and one of TV Aerials Sheffield’s office team will be on hand to offer friendly advise and get you booked in.  TV Aerials Sheffield can help with all your TV Aerial and phone line repairs, as well as offering advice on CCTV. We also provide information regarding Multi-room systems, Free View, Free Sat and Sky Q.

Contact TV Aerials Sheffield today on 08000132341 

Or direct on the mobile: 07860244274

TV Aerials Sheffield have 5-star reviews making us the top choice for customers who are wanting aerial services and more.  Offering the most current HD home entertainment systems and with over twenty years of experience and training TV Aerials Sheffield offers all our services at the most competitive rates. Our engineers also provide Cat5, Cat6, HD points for the most modern smart televisions and audio system installation services.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield, What We Offer?

TV Aerials Sheffield have been installing TV Aerials for over twenty years, our professionalism and efficiency is achieved through continued training and experience.  Our 5-star reviews reflect how hard our engineers work in order to ensure a top rate service.  Whatever your needs, TV Aerials Sheffield are always on hand to attend.

Whether it be a full aerial installation, an extension into another room or a TV wall mounting we will attend your home or business and meet your requirements.  Further services include phone line installation and repairs as well as designing bespoke TV or CCTV systems for your premises. TV Aerials Sheffield aim to provide a wide variety of services to all customers and all at competitive rates.

TV Aerials Sheffield offers the most current packages and the equipment we use is the best the market has to offer. With the introduction of 4K TV and CCTV systems, more and more customers are requesting this amazing visual experience for their homes. Learn More Here Now.

Satellite Dish Installers Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield are trained to supply, fit and install satellite systems to receive foreign channels/programs. If you require foreign channels our engineers are more than happy to provide this service.  Once a booking has been made the engineers will contact you on the day of your appointment to notify you when they are roughly 30 minutes away.  This will give customers enough time to get back home if they are at out or even at work.

On average an appointment to supply, fit and install a dish takes no longer than an hour.  When the dish is installed and the box has been set up, the engineer will provide you with a demonstration and advise you how to use your new equipment, this includes how to use Catch Up TV, how to record as well as how to pause and rewind live television if this option is available.

Satellites such as Hotbird, Astra, and Eutelsat broadcast a wide range of Polish, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Arabic Albanian, Romanian and Bulgarian channels. Turkish channels can also be received by aligning a dish to Turksat or Digiturk whilst Greek programs are available on Hellas Sat. Contact Us today to learn more about satellite Installations by TV Aerials Sheffield.

TV Aerials Sheffield and Satellites Sheffield
TV Wall Mounting in Sheffield

TV Wall Mounting Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield can install the most current TV Wall Brackets on the market. Our aim is to provide you with an appointment with one of our trained engineers within 24 hours. When most people purchase a new television they want them to be the centre of their living rooms. Sitting around the television and watching programmes as a family has been a tradition for generations and we know how important erecting a new TV set is to our customers.

Also, TV Aerials Sheffield will endeavor to provide you with our services as soon as possible. Although supplying TV Aerials and Satellite dishes is our main provision, TV Aerials Sheffield also supply, fit and install a wide range of TV Wall Brackets. The options include fixed or flat wall brackets which are ideal for a larger television, tilt or swivel wall brackets which are perfect if you require your television tipped towards your seating area.

Learn more about TV Aerials Sheffield and how we can help with an amazing TV wall mounting service. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a Free consultation by calling 0800 0132341.

How much does an aerial installation cost in Sheffield?

How much does an aerial installation cost in Sheffield? TV Aerials Sheffield are on hand 6 days a week to help and advice about any of the services that we offer.  From TV Aerial Installations, Phone Lines or CCTV Systems we are more than happy to hear from you should you require any information on any of the services available.  We aim to put the needs of our customers first, you can speak to our office staff over the phone or they can arrange a site vist where the engineers can provide a free no obligation quote.

In some areas of Sheffield, TV Aerials Sheffield advise installing a 52 Element TV Aerial that would support a number of additional rooms.  You would receive Yorkshire television. Dont hesitate to contact TV Aerials Sheffield for a free quote from Gary’s team today.

Aerial costs will also vary if an amplifier is required, an amplifier will be needed to boost the signal strength if the aerial supplies more than one room or if you live within a poorer signal area.  Amplifiers are charged between £49+vat and £69+vat, this is dependent on the mast head amplifier that is being used.  If you want any more info on Aerials and costs please ring us at TV Aerials Sheffield  and we will answer all your questions.  Call now on 08000132341

AreaAerial NeededPrice
Worksop52 Element TV Aerial
£179 + Vat
Sheffield32 Element Aerial£139+ Vat
Dronfield15 Element Aerial£99+ Vat
Hope Valley20 Element Aerial£119+ Vat
Chesterfield15 Element Aerial£99+ Vat
Rotherham32 Element Aerial£139+ Vat
Mexborough52 Element TV Aerial
£179 + Vat
Barnsley20 Element Aerial£119+ Vat
TV Aerials Sheffield

Sheffield Freeview Aerials 

Many homes use a High Gain Freeview Aerial as some areas of Sheffield are known for the poor reception, within these areas customers may opt for a Satellite installation, as these are best when the reception is poor, however, a High Gain aerial will work just as well. TV Aerials Sheffield can install a 52 element High Gain aerial to ensure that customers receive the best quality reception within their homes.

This will enable you to receive all the available Freeview television and radio channels. A Freeview aerial would most commonly be installed onto the roof and a pole may be required to lift it to ensure the best reception is picked up. A standard Aerial Installation would include the aerial, cabling, lashing kit and bracket.  As stated in areas of poor reception a larger pole may be required.

CAT5 Ethernet Cable Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield specialise in installing turnkey Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fibre Optic cabling.  Our engineers will supply and install all the cabling that is required to set up your main communications system within your home or business. Call us today for all your DATA Cabling Service options 07850636902.

The engineers at TV Aerials Sheffield will come out to your property to discuss, plan and create a bespoke communication system to suit your premises and budget.  TV Aerials Sheffield can also test and investigate faults on an existing system. The service we provide is cost-effective and all work is covered with a twelve-month warranty.  Please feel free to read our reviews which express the genuine feelings of satisfaction and appreciation from our previous customers across Sheffield.

TV Aerials Sheffield guarantee that we will customise your system to suit your requirements, whether it be a home system or for business premises.  We appreciate that within most modern-day working establishments CAT5/6 Data cabling is fundamental to any office set up.  Call us free for advising and information 08000132341

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Sheffield Smart TV Installation

Using internet connectivity Tv Aerials Sheffield can set up your Smart/Internet televisions enabling additional programs and online apps.  A simple way to describe how the Smart TV works is to describe it as having a built in computer that can be accessed via the TV screen.  Through a Smart TV you can access various online services, web browsing, social media, online messaging and much more.  Smart TV’s have fast become the most popular choice for homes and families.

Smart TV’s allow you to stream media from phones or computers onto your TV through a system called DLNA.  For any questions or queries relating to Smart TV Installations or help purchasing a TV, call TV Aerials Sheffield who would be happy to provide you with the information and knowledge that you require.

TV Aerials Sheffield can offer the best Smart TV Installation service throughout the Sheffield area.  We will even help you set up Netflix or Amazon.  To learn more about Smart TV Installations call us now on 07850636902

CCTV Installation Sheffield

At TV Aerials Sheffield we also supply, fit and install CCTV Camera Systems.  Using Hikvision and QViz systems customers are able to view their homes or business premises through their mobile phones and other devices, this ensures peace of mind from wherever you may be.  We can help design the perfect bespoke camera system to suit your requirements and budget.  The systems ensure you can view your property from anywhere in the world.  Remote access is compatible with Windows apps, Android, iOS and iPhones.

Theft can course a serious financial burden, regardless of whether it is in a home or business.  Intruders, burglars or even employees can all be deterred from theft or damage if a CCTV system is installed.  TV Aerials Sheffield will arrange an appointment with an engineer who will call and survey the site, discuss the various camera systems and provide you with a quote.

TV Aerials Sheffield only provide high-quality CCTV systems which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.  A free site survey is offered and the engineer will come along and advise on the best system for your property.  With every installation comes a twelve-month warranty.  Only experienced, qualified engineers carry out the work and once the cameras are installed the engineer will provide a full demonstration and explanation on how to use the system.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Communal Aerial and Satellite Systems in Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield have over 2o years worth of experience installing communal aerial and satellite systems for hotels, apartment blocks, universities and elderly care homes.  These systems are installed in a completely different way to a domestic single aerial or dish.  These communal systems have to be planned and designed to serve multiple televisions, all from the same system, ensuring a perfect picture for each individual property.

Precise planning and preparation is required before the IRS aerial and satellite system is introduced, as the system must have the ability to service multiple televisions.  As SkyQ is fast becoming the popular choice, we can also future proof a satellite system for the SkyQ change over.  TV Aerials Sheffield can supply systems that will receive digital television, Sky Q, CCTV as well as a variety of foreign channels.

For More Information On Communal Systems please call us now on 08000132341

WIFI Installation Services in Sheffield

If you need your WIFI boosting around your home or business then TV Aerials Sheffield can offer a fantastic service at an extremely good price. As a result, TV Aerials Sheffield can offer a full home wireless system. First, TV Aerials Sheffield can come and assess the speed of your broadband.

Then we will decide whether to install cat5 cables or install the systems wirelessly. Once Aerials Sheffield have finished our installation we will make sure that your signal is at the optimal strength across every room in your home. One of the best ways is to do a combination of wired and wireless so that the signal can be transmitted evenly.

The alternative is to install a wireless mesh wifi system like the Ubiquity or TP link systems. These are by far the more superior WIFI home and business network system. Or just a simple access point WIFI network on every floor and assign a different SSID if needed to separate the network.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Wireless CCTV Door Bell Sheffield

If you would like one of the latest wireless Video Doorbells that you can answer via your mobile phone anywhere in the world then contact TV Aerials Sheffield. We can install the wireless CCTV Doorbell from as little as £199 with a chime for the inside just encase you miss the phone alerts. These revolutionary doorbells are fantastic because we all end up missing the postman or delivery van at some point.

So with your new Wireless Doorbell, you can now tell them where to leave your post. So never miss a person at your door again with a fantastic new smart doorbell by TV Aerials Sheffield. Also, the New Smart Doorbells can detect motion and let us be honest they seem to work better than a lot of the CCTV camera motion sensors as they are too sensitive.

In fact, if your still not too sure then TV Aerials Sheffield will come to your home or business and let you try one free of charge. Because we are so sure you will love it because they are so easy to use and the app on your phone is user-friendly even ya gran would love it. So if its someone’s birthday or ya stuck for a present then a video doorbell camera is a great choice.

Telephone Repairs Sheffield

Before consulting BT be aware that BT can charge you for visit and time-related charge if the fault is found within your premises. This may cost you up to £120 or more for one hour. Our Telephone Engineers at TV Aerials Sheffield will visit your premises and do a quick survey to give you the best Telephone and Broadband Repair, Installation, Maintenance Service.

Our Sheffield Based phone line Engineers also available to test your Broadband Speed to provide you the best Broadband Speed and repair. first of all, we will provide you with a better connection solution on Telephone and Broadband system. Slow internet connections quickly for half the price of BT with no time restrictions.

Please contact TV Aerials Sheffield for Telephone and Broadband Faults, Telephone Landline Faults, Cable Extension, Socket Installation. Cisco Phone Systems Installation, Maintenance, Modem, and Switch Installation, Office Network VoIP Phone installation. Because TV Aerials Sheffield repair Connections, Telephone Cable wiring, Broadband faults, Cable extension needs in Sheffield. We are able to visit all the Sheffield areas on the same day.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Home Theatre Systems Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield, with over 20 years of experience designing and installing home cinema projects. Aerials Sheffield can help you decide from the vast array of equipment available on the market. Then TV Aerials Sheffield will work with you to design a bespoke home cinema system to suit your requirements and most importantly your budget.

Our installation team of engineers and technicians can advise and create bespoke home cinemas within garages, lofts, basements or even spare bedrooms. We have a competent team of staff to deliver your cinema system – all managed and maintained by ADI Communications.

With years of experience in Home Cinema Installations across the Sheffield area, we can offer a first call service. Just call us if you need advice Or Visit Our Home Theater Systems Page For More Information.

HDMI Multiroom Distribution

Best 4K HDMI multi Room Distribution Systems Installed by TV Aerials Sheffield are nothing less than amazing. Our products enable you to create any size of 4K or 1080p HDMI matrix using a 1 Gb network and Cat 5e/6 cabling. They can be implemented within residential or commercial premises across Sheffield.  Any combination of inputs and outputs is possible, and the system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional sources and screens throughout your Home or Office.

Also, TV Aerials Sheffield is an audiovisual industries award-winning option for advanced 4K HDMI distribution. Our products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 25 years of experience.  Recent research highlighted the need in the market for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry-leading performance and most importantly reliability.

This has resulted in us developing a range of HDTV Distribution of 4K, Video over IP and HDMI solutions that deliver seamless AV integration.  As an official TRIX HDBaseT adopter and alliance member, Blu-stream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through an integration of the latest pioneering chip sets our TV Aerial Sheffield based engineers have trained in the latest developments in the world’s most innovative range of AV distribution products.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Sonos Installations Sheffield

Sonos Connect Installation services Sheffield pride ourselves in integrating tomorrows technologies today, future proofing your homes and businesses. The home automation solutions use intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology. Ensuring TV Aerials Sheffield gives our customers control for their homes from anywhere.

Sonos is the wireless HiFi system, TV Aerials Sheffield can install audio components to enable you to stream all the music you love. Anywhere, no matter where it is situated TV Aerials Sheffield can help. Sonos systems at Aerials Sheffield can start with one room and then expand anywhere to fill your home with music and sound.

We specialise in the service, maintenance, and installation of Sonos systems in the Sheffield area. Our project managers can design and specify the perfect Sonos music system for your home or workplace, while TV Aerials Sheffields fully trained engineers are experts in installing and configuring your Sonos music system. Transform any room into a state-of-the-art home theatre.

Visit our Sonos Page to experience the full range of the Sonos multi-room system and talk to us about what we can do for your Smart Home project.

Sound Bar Installation Sheffield

What is a Soundbar?  This is one of the most common questions that TV Aerials Sheffield is often asked. A sound bar is the easiest way to improve your TV sound without adding a full 5.1 surround sound cinema system. A soundbar provides an excellent alternative to a home cinema system as many properties don’t have space for them.

Soundbars are one of the TV aerials Sheffield’s most asked for services. As we find it easy to set-up and configure them with pretty much any Modern Flat Screen TV on the market. With wireless subwoofers, wireless Bluetooth music streaming, Network Access, HDMI & Optical connections, there’s something for everyone.

By adding a Soundbar, or add-on speaker system, you can dramatically increase the quality of your sound. Also, this can be to a degree where it is equally as good as the TV picture quality itself. To upgrade the TV at any time, simply keep your sound bar and use it with your new TV, the correct audio outputs are required, these are now standard on all modern televisions.

Why not Learn more than book a free visit and quotation by Aerials Sheffield.

TV Aerials Sheffield
TV Aerials Sheffield

Audiovisual Installation Sheffield

Whether you require audiovisual installation in Sheffield or anywhere else, TV Aerials Sheffield have professionals that can make it out to your home. Then TV Aerials Sheffield can design and take care of all of the tunings. This will allow you to make the most of your components without having to do any of the installations on your own. Also, TV Aerials Sheffield can hide the wires, ensure that everything is programmed to a single remote, and so much more.

When you are ready to get premium audio and video installation in your home or business, make the call to us at Aerials and Antennas Sheffield. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for installation services, make recommendations on the various audio and video equipment that will best suit your space, and much more.

We have many positive reviews and are more than happy to provide testimonials from past customers. You can get the premium Audiovisual installation so that you can enjoy your home theater with the best possible audio and video quality. Best of all, you won’t have to do any of the installations on your own.

TV Aerials Sheffield

TV Aerials Sheffield
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TV Aerials Sheffield

TV Aerials SheffieldTV Aerials SheffieldTV Aerials SheffieldTV Aerials SheffieldTV Aerials SheffieldTV Aerials Sheffield

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At TV Aerials Sheffield we get a kick out of inspiring our customers, the chance to impart to you real customer satisfaction, a small review is all we ask from our loyal clients.  These are the things that make us attractive to others – addressing your needs and surpassing your expectations.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients completely satisfied with their TV Aerial Installation.  Please take time to read through our reviews, or write a little comment TV Aerials Sheffield are more than happy to hear from our loyal customers since 1999.

Areas Covered by TV Aerials Sheffield

Sheffield, Dronfield, Hope Valley, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Mexborough, Barnsley, Worksop

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Smart tv installation

Had my smart tv installed by the lads today they did an excellent job because I couldn’t connect it wirelessly and I felt stupid but it turns out I’m too far away from the internet to connect my tv wirelessly so when the lads run a cable from the router to the smart tv and it worked straight away gary showed me how everything works and did a very neat and tidy job thank you lads

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New tv Aerial

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