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What is the TV Installation cost for 2018?

Why should I hire TV Installation Cost?

“Avoid all the hassle of drilling, lifting and installing. Our TV Installation Cost Agents have the training and experience to do the job right, plus we offer a 90-day limited workmanship warranty and competitive pricing”.

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How much does everything cost?

Our base price for TV Mounting and Installation is £129.99 (without a TV mount), and custom solutions such as mounting onto surfaces like brick and concrete are available for an additional cost.

What kind of HDMI cable should I buy? How long should it be?

To find the proper length HDMI cable to fit your needs, make sure to consider the distance between your HD components and the TV. Choose in-wall rated cable if you intend to run your connections through walls (for example, when the TV is mounted and you want a clean look). Look for cables that come with extra-tight connectors, which are important for keeping things secure when using products like a full-motion TV mount. More expensive cables are made of higher-quality materials and come with a higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabits Per Second (Gbps). This allows more bandwidth for streaming 4K Ultra HD & HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and helps to ensure signal purity, which is especially important when running cable over longer distances.

Are you able to hide all of the cables?

Yes by selecting the premium service (£199.99) all your in-wall rated cables will be hidden. If your TV is directly on your cable TV or satellite TV hookup, and the installation will occur in a single space between the wall studs, all in-wall rated cables can be concealed. If home theater equipment needs to be located away from your TV, this will complicate your in-wall installation and will require a custom solution to be ordered. A TV Installation Cost Agent can do a pre-survey of your home or an in-home consultation if you are unsure about the scope of work.

TV Installation Service Cost

TV Installation Service Cost

How much would it cost to install an in-wall power extension for my TV?

The parts and labor to complete this service add up to around £150, but that price can vary for a number of reasons. A TV Installation Cost Agent can do a pre-survey of your home or an in-home consultation if you are unsure about the scope of work.

How long will the installation take?

When you schedule your service, your appointment time will fall within a 4-hour window. While there are a number of factors that can affect the length of an appointment, a standard TV Mounting and Installation job usually last between 90 and 120 minutes.

Which mounts are compatible with my TV?

Nearly all TVs are VESA compliant, which means they have a standard hole pattern for mounting onto a bracket. You likely won’t have to worry about it, but you can confirm that mount is VESA compliant by reading your TV’s instruction manual or consulting with your TV Installation Cost Agent on the day of installation.

Can you install a TV mount into any wall material?

Yes, our TV Installation Cost Agents can install into almost any kind of wall material and will let you know if there are obstacles to doing so. There is no extra charge for installing a TV mount into a standard-frame wall with drywall. For harder materials, such as brick, concrete, stone, cinder block and hollow block, there will be an extra charge of £99.99.

Can I mount a TV above my fireplace?

This is a common installation for our Agents, however, wall material like brick and the location of your fireplace to your home theater equipment can make it more of a challenge. Also, keep in mind that the placement might be too high for comfortable or clear viewing, and heat damage could become an issue. Consult with your TV Installation Cost Agent for complete answers to these questions.

How high should my TV be mounted?

When choosing where to mount a TV, you need to think about more than just aesthetics. If you mount your TV too high, for example, you might find that it causes neck strain, or that your view of the screen isn’t optimal. Your TV Installation Cost Agent will take many factors into account, including how many people will be watching at one time, whether you’ll be lying down, sitting up or standing, screen size, room aesthetics and potential glare from any windows. Together, the two of can work together to determine the best location for your TV.

I forgot to purchase a product that’s needed for the installation. Can you help?

Yes, your TV Installation Cost Agent(s) will have a variety of products in their vehicle that can be purchased at the time of your installation. Quantity, availability, and selection will vary.

TV Installation Costs

"Here is a list of TV Installation Costs for 2018 and beyond".
TV Mounting ServiceBasic
TV Mounting to a frame wall (drywall) – mount sold separatelytv installation cost ticktv installation cost tick
Neatly dress wires and cables
tv installation cost ticktv installation cost tick
Program your remote control (cable box or satellite) to control TVtv installation cost ticktv installation cost tick
Connect TV to multiple video devices in the same roomtv installation cost ticktv installation cost tick
Connect TV and video device(s) to Wi-Fi networktv installation cost tick
Route In-wall rated cables – power cables not includedtv installation cost tick
Perform device updates as needed on new TV and video devices(s)tv installation cost tick
Configure up to 3 video streaming servicestv installation cost tick
Provide education demonstration on functionality of TV and video device(s)tv installation cost tick
HDMI Over Cat6 Cablingtv installation cost tick

TV size and weight

Most mounts 1 are built to hold any TV of a specified width, regardless of their weight. So a mount 1 made for a 50” TV is usually able to hold any TV of that size, no matter what it weighs. Prices generally rise as you increase the size of amount 1. Keep in mind that model prices are also affected by the mount 1 type and functionality.

  • Less than 25” – £45-£110
  • 25” to 35” – £45-£500
  • 35” to 55” – £45-£700
  • 55” to 65” – £45-£700
  • 65” or more – £60-£700

However, some mounts 1 have designated weight limits:

  • Less than 40 lbs. – £1-£505
  • 40 – 60 lbs. – £15-£100
  • 60 – 70 lbs. – £20-£100
  • 70 – 110 lbs. – £30-£330
  • 110 – 160 lbs. – £30-£565
  • 160 lbs. or more – £35-£700
TV Bracket Installation Costs

How much does it cost to install a TV mount?

A TV mount is a bracket device that allows you to securely attach your TV to a wall. It’s typically used for flat screen TVs. If you want an alternative to setting your TV on a surface, then using a TV mount can be a good solution. It can help you free up space and use your furniture for other purposes. Installing a TV mount can be part of setting up a home theater.

TV mounts can be installed almost wherever there is a sturdy wall and space to accommodate the TV. Popular places in an average home include a living room wall, a bedroom wall, and sometimes even walls in kitchens. There are some factors that influence the cost of installing a TV mount, such as TV size, mount type, and labor. In this guide, we examine the average cost of installing a TV mount.

tv installation costs

Platform TV mounts 1: Until recent years, platform TV mounts 1 were also widely used. These types have built-in 2 trays to set TVs on, and are made to accommodate older non-flatscreen TV models that are heavy and bulky. Because such TVs are no longer on the market, neither are platform TV mounts 1.

VESA numbers

In order to select a mount 1 that is compatible with your TV, you should see if they both have corresponding VESA numbers. VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, which issues numbers on devices that designate what standards they are built to. These numbers act as codes for standard vertical and horizontal patterns made for the unit’s mounting holes. The numbers are based on metric measurements, ranging from 50mm to 800mm.

Mounts 1 and TVs with matching VESA numbers are compatible. Look in your TV manual or on the back of the TV to find the acronym followed by a number (Ex: “VESA 75”).

Most professional TV mount 1 installation services will charge a flat fee of £150-£350.

Having your TV mount 1 installed by a professional can save time and money. They are skilled at establishing the right placement and installing the mount 1 securely so that there is no risk of the TV falling or the wall becoming damaged. Professionals typically have the necessary tools, and the laborers are capable of handling heavy TVs. They are also usually experienced at setting up the necessary wiring, and even wire concealment.

Enhancement and improvement costs – Wire concealment

Sometimes wires can be concealed within the wall your TV mount 1 is installed on. Before installing wiring or performing wire concealment, make sure your cables meet your local building and fire codes. Keep in mind that most will require UL-rated wire labeled CL2 or CL3 for in-wall installations. Professional in-wall wire concealment services can cost as much as £1,000.

An alternative to in-wall concealment is using cable management covers that simply snap into place around a bundle of cables. Kits cost £10-£40.

Outlet installation

Before installing a TV mount 1, you need to make sure that an electrical outlet will be within reach of your TV’s wiring. If there are no electrical outlets near the window where your TV will be mounted, a new outlet can be installed for £200-£750.

Surround sound

Home theater surround sound speakers generally cost £150-£1,200, with larger and higher quality systems priced at the higher end of that spectrum. You can also get speaker stands and mounts 1 for an average of £100 per pair.


You may need accessories like HDMI cables (£20-£220) and A/V cables (£2-£170) to complete the setup of your mounted TV, if you want to be able to hook it up to other devices like game consoles, computers, or surround sound systems. Prices of these cables are influenced by cable quality and length.

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