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Welcome to TV aerials Halifax, should you require any help or advice regarding any TV Aerial or CCTV Camera installations then contact us. Firstly, at TV aerials Halifax we always put our customers first so if you just want information about SkyQ, Freeview, Freesat TV Aerials Halifax can help. With the years of experience Aerials Halifax can offer 4K HD multi-room systems because they are our specialty. So please do not hesitate to contact our experienced office team for polite and friendly advice today.

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Because TV Aerials Halifax has over 20 years of experience within the TV Aerial and Satellite System industry. Our aim is to ensure that our engineers always carry a full range of indoor and outdoor equipment, for Digital High Gain TV aerials, Satellites, and phone lines. This way TV aerials Halifax can ensure that all our repairs or upgrades can be carried on the day of your appointment, work can be carried out quickly & efficiently.

TV Aerials Halifax
TV Aerials Halifax

Best Antenna Installation services by TV Aerials Halifax 

Should you ever require a new TV aerial or Satellite dish installation or advise on Sky Q TV Aerials Halifax can help. For instance, Aerials Halifax can help with CCTV, Freeview, Cat5, Fibre Optics or just Freesat TV. We also offer a TV wall mounting service, phone line repairs and installation, designing and installing bespoke commercial TV systems for business premises. As a rule, TV Aerials Halifax can offer the installation of CCTV systems and we aim to do it all professionally, efficiently and at the most competitive prices.

Did you know, TV Aerials Halifax have been installing TV Aerials and Satellite Dishes to customers for over 20 years.  Through training and qualifications, Halifax Aerials have acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver a first class service to all our customers.  All of our technicians have also been trained to work at heights and they are accredited. They all carry identification for your peace of mind, and a courtesy call is given to let you know when they are due to arrive at your property.

Satellite Dish Installers Halifax

Besides, TV Aerials Halifax is one of the best digital aerial installers in the Halifax area we are also trained to supply, fit and install satellite systems. Also, TV Aerials Halifax can help you to receive foreign channels/programs. On the day of your appointment, the engineers provide a 30-minute notice call before they are due to arrive, this provides an ETA for the customer.

Upon arrival, the satellite engineer for Aerials Halifax will advise you on the best place for your satellite dish to be situated. An average appointment to supply, fit and install a dish should last no longer than an hour. Once your dish and box are set up, the engineer will provide you with a demonstration on how to use your new equipment.

Our services include how to get Catch Up TV, how to record as well as how to pause and rewind live TV if available. Satellites such as Hotbird, Astra, and Eutelsat broadcast a wide range of Polish, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Arabic Albanian, Romanian and Bulgarian channels. Turkish channels can be received by aligning a dish to Turksat or Digiturk whilst Greek programs are available on Hellas Sat.

Learn more about satellite Installations by TV Aerials Halifax.

TV Aerials Halifax
TV Aerials Halifax

TV Wall Bracket Installers Halifax

At TV Aerials Halifax we install the latest in TV Wall Brackets for all types of TV installations.  Also, our trained engineers aim to be there within 24 hours to wall mount your amazing new smart TV. Most customers who purchase a new smart TV, 4K or 3D television want it to take pride of place in their living room. However, TV Aerials Halifax aim to book our engineers as soon as possible.

Perhaps you have purchased a flat screen 4K Smart television for a games room or one of your kid’s bedrooms. Aerials Halifax are happy to attend and get the job done.  As well as supplying TV aerials and Satellite dishes, TV Aerials Halifax also supply, fit and install a variety of TV Wall Brackets.  A flush, fixed or flat wall bracket is perfect for a large TV.  Tilting, swivel brackets are great if you need your television tilted to your sitting position.

If it is positioned in a corner and needs pulling out in order to watch it, in this instance an articulated wall bracket would give you the maximum flexibility with its flexible arm. Where ever your new television is going within your home, be it the lounge, kitchen or bedroom, Aerials Halifax will wall mount it for you. Cables can be discreetly hidden and we will position your TV in the perfect viewing location to suit you and your family.

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CCTV Installers Near Me In Halifax

Here at TV Aerials Halifax we also offer the best in Security CCTV Camera Installations.  First of all,  TV Aerials Halifax offer amazing bespoke home CCTV systems that enable you to remotely monitor homes and businesses.  You will also be able to view your property remotely from wherever you are in the world.  Remote access is compatible to use with the iPhone or other devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows apps.

All CCTV packages include a DVR recorder, free remote access, 1-16 cameras. It is all dependent on individual requirements, free motion alerts via e-mail, 20-60 meter IR night vision, complete installation, and on-site warranty.

Many business owners throughout Halifax suffer severe financial loss through theft, either by employees or intruders and burglars.  Therefore, installing a CCTV camera system enables business owners the opportunity to catch these individuals.  Contact TV Aerials Halifax and we will book an appointment for the engineer to call and survey the site.

Learn More About CCTV Installations available in Halifax Here

TV Aerials Halifax
TV Aerials Halifax

Communal Aerial Engineer Halifax

Communal Aerials and Satellite Systems are planned out and installed in a completely different way to a residential/domestic aerial or satellite system. Our senior engineer at TV Aerials Halifax has over 20 years of experience within the communal systems industry.  One aerial is to be able to be served by 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of people on the same communal system. furthermore, all TV’s will have perfect pictures.

When planning an IRS system and designing the aerial and satellite system you must ensure that the system is built with the ability to receive digital SKYQ, CCTV, and European and Asian TV Channels.  With most TV aerial transmitters eventually being switched over to SKYQ digital (some have already gone Q digital) then it is important to future proof communal systems, therefore you MUST make allowances for this in any design.

For More Information On Communal SKY Systems Visit Here Now.

Telephone Repairs Halifax

Before consulting BT be aware that BT can charge you for visit and time-related charge if the fault is found within your premises. This may cost you up to £120 or more for one hour. Our Telephone Engineers at TV Aerials Halifax will visit your premises and do a quick survey to give you the best Telephone and Broadband Repair, Installation, Maintenance Service.

Our Halifax Based phone line Engineers also available to test your Broadband Speed to provide you the best Broadband Speed and repair. first of all, we will provide you with a better connection solution on Telephone and Broadband system. Slow internet connections quickly for half the price of BT with no time restrictions.

Please contact TV Aerials Halifax for Telephone and Broadband Faults, Telephone Landline Faults, Cable Extension, Socket Installation. Cisco Phone Systems Installation, Maintenance, Modem, and Switch Installation, Office Network VoIP Phone installation. Because we repair Connections, Telephone Cable wiring, Broadband faults, Cable extension needs in Halifax. We are able to visit all the Halifax areas on the same day.

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TV Aerials Halifax
Home Cinema Installers

Home Cinema System Halifax

If you’re looking for a home cinema system then TV Aerials Halifax are here to help. As a result, with us having over 20 years of experience designing and installing home cinema projects, we can help you decide. From the vast array of equipment available on the market, TV aerials Halifax then can work with you to design a bespoke home cinema system to suit your requirements and most importantly your budget.

Our installation team of engineers and technicians can advise and create bespoke home cinemas within garages, lofts, basements or even spare bedrooms. Also, TV Aerials  Halifax has a competent team of staff to deliver your cinema system – all managed and maintained by ADI Communications.

We supply only the best in home cinema equipment, bringing you the latest and best range of solutions which are user-friendly and deliver the highest quality results. If you would like an initial discussion about your requirements and to receive our advice and guidance (which is always free) please call us on 0800 0132341

Or Visit Our Home Theater Systems Page For More Information.

Smart TV Installation Services Halifax

Also known as Internet TV, Smart TV, TV Aerials Halifax can help with any TV that can provide additional programs through internet connectivity.  It’s like having a computer built into your TV. This allows you to access a range of different online services, including video on demand, live messaging, web browsing, IPV (internet protocol television) which is a type of video standard and social networking.

Smart TVs have a system called DLNA.  This allows you to stream media from phones or computers onto your TV. High-end TVs definitely offer Smart TV but also mid-range and even some budget range.  Should you have any concerns or questions simply ask the person you are purchasing the TV from – What is Smart TV? Learn More about Smart TV Installation Services Now.

TV Aerials Halifax - Smart TV Installations
TV Aerials HalifaxTV Aerials Halifax

Sonos Installations Halifax

We pride ourselves in integrating tomorrows technologies today, future proofing your homes and businesses. The home automation solutions use intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology, ensuring its easy for our customers to control their homes from anywhere.

Sonos is the wireless HiFi system, TV Aerials Halifax can install audio components to enable you to stream all the music you love, anywhere, no matter where it is situated.  TV Aerials Halifax can start with one room and then expand anywhere to fill your home with music and sound.  You can also access your library, music services, and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts, and shows, within every room.

Transform any room into a state-of-the-art home theatre.  Watch TV, access your movie collection, play video games and easily stream films from the comfort of your own home, TV Aerials Halifax pride ourselves on a quick and professional service with no call out charges. Whether you need a new Sonos system or are having issues with an existing system, can provide official dealer service and support.

Sound Bar Installation Halifax

What is a Soundbar? This is one of the most common questions that TV Aerials Halifax is often asked.  A sound bar is the easiest way to improve your TV sound without adding a full 5.1 surround sound cinema system.  The best soundbar provides an excellent alternative to a home cinema system as many properties don’t have space for them.

Soundbars are also extremely easy to set-up and can be configured with pretty much any Modern Flat Screen TV on the market. With wireless subwoofers, wireless Bluetooth music streaming, Network Access, HDMI & Optical connections, there’s something for everyone.

By adding a Soundbar, or add-on speaker system, you can dramatically increase the quality of your sound to a degree where it is equally as good as the TV picture quality itself.  To upgrade the TV at any time, simply keep your sound bar and use it with your new TV. TV Aerials Halifax will help find the correct audio outputs that are required because these are now standard on all modern televisions.

Why not Learn more than book a free visit and quotation by Aerials Halifax.

TV Aerials Halifaxs
TV Aerials Halifax

Audiovisual Installation Halifax

Whether you require audiovisual installation in Halifax or anywhere else, TV Aerials Halifax have professionals that can make it out to your home. Then TV Aerials Halifax can design and take care of all of the tunings. This will allow you to make the most of your components without having to do any of the installations on your own. Also, TV Aerials Halifax can hide the wires, ensure that everything is programmed to a single remote, and so much more.

When you are ready to get premium audio and video installation in your home or business, make the call to us at Aerials and Antennas Halifax. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for installation services, make recommendations on the various audio and video equipment that will best suit your space, and much more.

We have many positive reviews and are more than happy to provide testimonials from past customers. You can get the premium installation so that you can enjoy your home theater with the best possible audio and video quality. Best of all, you won’t have to do any of the installations on your own.

WIFI Installation Services Halifax

If you need your WIFI boosting around your home or business then we can offer a fantastic service at an extremely good price. As a result, TV Aerials Halifax can offer a full home wireless system. First, TV Aerials Halifax can come and assess the speed of your broadband. Then we will decide whether to install cat5 cables or install the systems wirelessly.

Once we have finished our installation we will make sure that your signal is at the optimal strength across every room in your home. One of the best ways is to do a combination of wired and wireless so that the signal can be transmitted evenly. The alternative is to install a wireless mesh wifi system like the Ubiquity systems. These are by far the more superior WIFI home and business network system.

TV Aerials Halifax
TV Aerials Halifax

CAT5 Ethernet Cable Halifax

At TV Aerials Halifax we comprehend that Cat 5e and Fibre cabling needs to create the main framework to your home, office and communications systems.  DATA Cabling Services Halifax specialises in installing turnkey Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fibre Optic cabling. Furthermore, TV Aerials Halifax are happy to consult, organise and plan within each establishment. Upon our visit TV Aerials, Halifax can also test and investigate existing faults.

Our Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling engineers offer a reasonable and cost-effective full end to end cabling service. which also, conveys genuine feelings of satisfaction for IT Managers, Architects, Project Managers and residential clients alike throughout Halifax. With TV Aerials Halifax we ensure a system that is customised to meet both the property and the budgetary needs of your home or business. CAT5/6 Data cabling is fundamental for most modern day organisations within most cutting edge working establishments.

TV Aerials Halifax

Wireless CCTV Door Bell Halifax

If you would like one of the latest wireless Video Doorbells that you can answer via your mobile phone anywhere in the world then contact TV Aerials Halifax. We can install the wireless CCTV Doorbell from as little as £199 with a chime for the inside just encase you miss the phone alerts. These revolutionary doorbells are fantastic because we all end up missing the postman or delivery van at some point.

So with your new Wireless Doorbell, you can now tell them where to leave your post. So never miss a person at your door again with a fantastic new smart doorbell by TV Aerials Halifax. Also, the New Smart Doorbells can detect motion and let us be honest they seem to work better than a lot of the CCTV camera motion sensors as they are too sensitive.

In fact, if your still not too sure then TV Aerials Halifax will come to your home or business and let you try one free of charge. Because we are so sure you will love it because they are so easy to use and the app on your phone is user-friendly even ya gran would love it. So if its someone’s birthday or ya stuck for a present then a video doorbell is a great choice.

What’s the cost for an aerial installation in Halifax?

What’s the cost of an Aerial installation in Halifax? well, here you will find out based on the area you live in and the TV Aerial Needed by the reception and also depending on how many rooms are connected. These prices are based on our selves at TV Aerials Halifax and other local companies. Then we simply took the average of a typical installation 1 point TV Antenna Installation and displayed them below.

These prices may also be affected if you need an amplifier but should only cost between £49 and £69 depending on the Masted head amplifier used. For more information please contact TV Aerials Halifax Today by calling 01422 410422 Learn more about the reception TV aerials Halifax has found across the HX postcode and which aerial you will need.

PostcodeAreaAerial NeededPrice
HX1Halifax32 Element Aerial£139+ Vat
HX2Halifax15 Element Aerial£99+ Vat
HX3Halifax20 Element Aerial£119+ Vat
HX4Halifax15 Element Aerial£99+ Vat
HX5Elland52 Element Aerial£199+ Vat
HX6Sowerby Bridge32 Element Aerial£139+ Vat
HX7Hebden Bridge52 Element Aerial£199+ Vat

Frequently Asked TV Aerial Questions

Modern TV aerials are built to last, and you can expect a good quality antenna to last between Seven to twenty years. One thing to bear in mind, however, is the increasingly unpredictable weather that the UK experiences.TV Aerials Near me

No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial. Since it is a smart TV it should have internet TV services built in. Such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, just to name some. So, you will not need an aerial, unless you want to watch live TV in your area.

There is no such thing as a digital TV aerial. … All aerials are capable of receiving both analogue and digital TV signals and some do have characteristics that make them better for receiving a digital Freeview TV signal.

Aerials are designed to work either with a specific group of broadcast frequencies (grouped), or across all airwaves that can be used for TV transmission (wideband). A coloured stopper or ‘bung’ on the end of an aerial identifies which group of frequencies it is designed to work with.

The TV picture freezing or breaking up in this way is most commonly caused by a weak signal. This might be because there is limited or intermittent coverage at your address, or your cable connections may be faulty (see below). … Certain weather conditions can also affect the signal, especially high pressure and snow.

TV Aerials Halifax

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TV Aerials Halifax
TV Aerials HalifaxTV Aerials HalifaxTV Aerials HalifaxTV Aerials HalifaxTV Aerials Halifax

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At TV Aerials Halifax we get a kick out of inspiring our customers, the chance to impart to you real customer satisfaction, a small review is all we ask from our loyal clients.  These are the things that make us attractive to others – addressing your needs and surpassing your expectations.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients completely satisfied with their TV Aerial Installation or CCTV Install.  Please take time to read through our reviews, or write a little comment TV Aerials Halifax are more than happy to hear from our loyal customers since 1999.

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by John Paul payne on TV Aerials Halifax
Sky system repair

I’ve been having trouble with my communal sky system for ages then my management company sent Gary out he replaced some parts did some work on the system and it’s been working great since thank you so much guys you did a great job

by Karen douthwaite on TV Aerials Halifax
Telephone line repair

Had my phoneline repaired this morning by Tv Aerials Halifax they came out put a new socket and cable in and it worked straight away no problems and has worked perfectly since thank you so much I shall recommend you

by Mark smith on TV Aerials Halifax
New Tv Aerial

Had a very decent job done today by Tv Aerials halifax ?

by Liam holroyd on TV Aerials Halifax
Smart tv installation

Thanks for fitting my smart tv you did an excellent job

by Diane kendell on TV Aerials Halifax
Telephone repair

Thanks for coming out so quickly and repairing my mums telephone line know she can use her telephone if anything happens thank you so much I couldn’t thank you enough

by Sophie driscal on TV Aerials Halifax
Tv aerial extension

Great job installation them 2 aerial feeds into my children’s bedroom Gary they can now watch there TVs in there bedroom and not hassle me

by Brian metcalf on TV Aerials Halifax
Satellite dish repair

Thanks for fixing my satellite dish my sky works great now

by Sarah windroff on TV Aerials Halifax
Tv wall mounting

Honestly you did a really good job today you hid all the cables out of sight my tv is dead centre and mounted perfectly thank you so much

by David franks on TV Aerials Halifax
Tv wall mounting

I will definitely recommend you Gary you do a very good job

by Jane English on TV Aerials Halifax
New tv Aerial

Gary came out today and installed me a new aerial as my old one was around 25 years old and rusted to death my new aerial looks amazing all my cables are neatly tided away and out of sight a great job from Tv Aerials halifax

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