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TV Aerials Blackpool

TV Aerials Blackpool have been providing a professional aerial installation service for over twenty-five years. Throughout the years we have become the choice of leading popular estate agents, care homes, schools and residential customers. Blackpool Aerials have a small team of engineers who specialise in both domestic and commercial installations, we offer a 1-year warranty on all our installs. As well as TV Aerials fitted, we also offer TV Aerials Repairs, phone line and CCTV Installations, WIFI and multi room installs and much more.

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Our engineers are covered with public liability insurance, they have all trained and hold appropriate qualifications and they have years of experience to back up the theory. As we are a small family run business you will have the peace of mind that we will attend and offer a first-class installation as our customer feedback is what our company thrives from. TV Aerials Blackpool offers no-obligation quotes and we strive to offer our services at the best prices. Customer satisfaction is our priority so please leave a review.

TV Aerials Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool - TV Aerial Repairs in Blackpool

TV Aerial Repairs Blackpool

Weak reception, well TV Aerials Blackpool understands that pixelation or poor picture quality is frustrating. Watching TV after a hard day is how most people today unwind, if you begin to experience any of these issues you may want to know, who can I call for a TV Aerial repairs near me? TV Aerials Blackpool offer TV Aerial Repairs and have ample amounts of experience to rectify multiple issues.

How do I know if my TV aerial is working? If you have tried checking the cabling and re-tuning the channels and nothing seems to improve the problem then call Aerials Blackpool and one of our engineers will come out to investigate and repair the issues for you. Furthermore, TV Aerials Blackpool will check the sockets and cabling as well as the aerial on the roof.

Problem factors often include trees or high buildings surrounding your property, faulty sockets or cabling, strong winds blowing the aerial out of alignment, faulty amplifiers or splitters or living within a poor reception area. TV Aerials Blackpool are a phone call away and we are more than happy to attend and rectify the problem. Blackpool Aerial Fitters will provide the best maintenance and tv aerial repairs service available.

TV Aerials Near Me In Blackpool

So, which aerial is best for my house? When considering the best outdoor tv aerial to install at your property, you need to think about more than just how much it will cost you. Factors such as the proximity of the nearest TV Aerial mast to the location of your house or the surrounding environment, for example, do you have high buildings or trees around you?

TV Aerials Near Me In Blackpool will always advise on the best quality tv aerial to suit your home and requirements. If you live far away from the mast, then the likelihood is that you will require an HG Aerial as the further away your home is the weaker the signal will be. An HG Aerial installation would also be recommended if you were considering connecting multiple rooms to the aerial. A smaller aerial would not have the strength to supply multiple points.

A good indication of how good the signal is around your home, is to have a look at your neighbour’s TV Aerials, check their quality and the position of them. In areas of good reception, a standard logger or 32 elements outdoor aerial will be fine, within a poor reception area TV Aerials Near M In Blackpool would recommend installing a 52 element aerial, High Gain Aerial. Our engineers will always recommend the best tv aerial to buy. For further advise or to book a visit please contact us and we are more than happy to help Learn More about different TV Aerials.

Aerial Installations Blackpool
Indoor TV Aerial Blackpool - Indoor TV Aerial Installation Blackpool

Indoor TV Aerial in Blackpool

Very rarely people find that they are unable to install an aerial onto the outside of their properties. In these instances, an indoor aerial is often an option. This then begs the question, what are the best indoor TV Aerials? TV Aerials Blackpool are on hand to advise and inform our customers about the best indoor aerials for Freeview. We would always advise that you need to be situated within 10 to 15 miles from the nearest mast in order to receive a good reception for the indoor aerial. By searching the Digital UK Postcode checker, you can identify which mast is nearest to your home or property.

Other defining factors that will affect the quality of the signal received on the indoor aerial would include: the location of the property, if it has buildings or trees surrounding it, or if you were situated within a valley. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from any of these issues, then the quality of the reception would be significantly affected. Do indoor aerials work with Freeview? The simple answer is yes, a good quality indoor aerial will work if there are none of the factors above affecting the signal.

Today indoor aerials come in multiple shapes and designs, the quality of the aerials has also improved, and most modern ones now have a built-in amplifier to maximise the reception, this would work especially well if you had poorer reception. The indoor aerials need to be plugged straight into the back of your television or Freeview box. For optimum signal move the aerial around until you find the best position. If you have an omnidirectional aerial it will adjust and align itself accordingly. TV Aerials Blackpool are happy to discuss the options with you or we can arrange a visit and check the signal within your area before you decide.

Loft TV Aerial Blackpool

Can I fit a TV Aerial in the loft? Our engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool would visit your property and investigate to identify whether a digital loft aerial could be installed affectively. Many new build properties already have the cabling for the aerials run directly up into the roof or loft space and we are installing loft TV Aerials more frequently. Different areas of Blackpool will receive varying reception, some areas are better than others. In poor signal areas, a High Gain aerial would always be advised so that the best reception can be received.

We often get asked, do loft aerials work? The simple answer is yes, however TV Aerials Blackpool would always advise that installing a tv aerial onto the roof would always provide the best reception. If the roof space is lined with foil, then no aerial would work. Some older properties also have a thicker roof than some of the new builds of today and this would also affect the reception if the aerial was installed in the loft.

In order to receive the optimum signal strength within the loft TV Aerials Blackpool would suggest installing an HG aerial or an amplifier, especially if the loft aerial is going to be connected to multiple televisions. One positive factor is that installing the aerial into the loft will prevent the loft aerial being blown if there are strong winds, it will not rust or be knocked out of alignment by the different weather conditions.

TV Aerials Blackpool-loft tv aerial installation
Best Freeview TV Aerials Blackpool

Blackpool Freeview Aerials

Freeview TV is received through a TV Aerial. TV Aerials Blackpool most commonly install TV Aerials onto the roof, often, onto the chimney. The highest point obviously provides the strongest reception. A typical tv aerial installation includes supplying and installing the aerial, cabling, bracket and lashing kit if the aerial needs to be raised higher to gain optimum reception the engineers will install the Freeview aerial onto a 10 or 12-foot pole.

Within poor signal areas of Blackpool, our engineers often recommend installing a satellite dish as these are often used when the tv aerial reception is poor or unavailable. If a customer insists on wanting Freeview than a High Gain tv aerial may be an option. These aerials are more expensive; however, they will receive the best reception possible, especially if they are erected onto a high pole. TV Aerials Blackpool will always advise and inform our customers on the best options to suit their property.

Customers often ask, Which aerial is the best for Freeview? This is dependant on the location of your property and how far from the nearest transmitter you are. The distance will determine which aerial would be best suited to your property. If you are close to the mast a standard 32 element tv aerial will provide you with Freeview channels. If you are further away an HG aerial would be necessary. TV Aerials Blackpool will attend your home or premises and assess the site before giving you advice on what they think would be the best tv aerial to install.

Blackpool TV Aerial Removal

There are times when you may need your TV Aerial removing. This could be due to roof repairs, Chimney repairs and removal. Then once the work has been completed then TV Aerials Blackpool can put it straight back. If needed TV Aerials Blackpool can replace the Antenna. If you feel you will never need your TV Aerial again then just give us a call. We can Remove the Aerial, Bracket, Cabling and the clips if needed.

Over the last 10 years there has been a big change in the aerial and satellite world, and very soon our guess a TV Aerials Blackpool is that all TV will be over the Net. IP TV is the future and we are already using at such as Net flix and BBC Player and ITV Hub. So at some point, you may need TV Aerials, Blackpool, to remove everything as it won’t be needed.

Blackpool TV Aerial Removal services have been removing aerials for over 20 years and will do so for years to come. The main reason for removing an aerial is when it’s dangerous after high winds and storms many aerials come loose and become a danger. If your ever in this situation just call us.

TV Aerials Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool

HDTV Antenna Blackpool

Have you got your new 4G and 5G filtered TV Antenna installed Yet? Well if not then contact TV Aerials Blackpool we can check if its a local Mobile transmitter that’s affecting your TV picture. Digital TV interference is becoming more common because the bandwidth is being sold and there compressing the channels into a smaller bandwidth.

If you have a new aerial but it’s not HD LTE ready then we can install a 4G Filter instead of a 4G Aerial. Alternatively, Order a tv interference filter online and if you still have problems then call TV Aerials Blackpool as you may have a different problem with your HDTV Television Aerial. Also, you may just have a problem with your TV Aerial Cable.

So what’s the cost of a 4G TV Filter? Well, you will pay around £30 for a good quality filter but there some cheap ones that are around £10 but they have a low attenuation. 5G Filters are now available since the activation of 5G in your area. For more information about HDTV antennas and 4G/5G interference in Blackpool message Gary at TV Aerials Fitter Blackpool today.

Freesat Installation Blackpool

Many customers decide to end their Sky subscription due to the ever-increasing prices. TV Aerials Blackpool often get asked, Can I use a Freesat box with a Sky dish? The answer is yes if you have an existing dish and cables you simply need to plug them into your Freesat box. Freesat provides over 200 free channels and depending on your Freesat box, you can also record and use the catch-up facility, all free of charge.

If you had subscribed to SkyQ then you will need to have the LNB on the satellite dish replaced with a standard LNB to ensure it is compatible with your Freesat box. Is Freesat better than Freeview? In areas of poor reception where it is impossible to pick up Freeview through a tv aerial, then the engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool would always recommend installing a Freesat dish and Freesat box. Freesat is ideal if you live within a poor signal location.

Once you have the Freesat box and satellite dish setup you will be able to access hundreds of television channels and radio stations without the monthly subscription fee. For more information or for a satellite dish installation please contact TV Aerials Blackpool and one of our experienced engineers will come along and help with all your needs.

TV Aerials Blackpool - Freesat Installation Blackpool
TV Wall Mounting in Blackpool

TV Wall Mounting Blackpool

Many customers call our office and ask which are the best TV wall brackets? Our staff are more than happy to answer all your questions and the engineers are available to provide a bracket to hang your TV on the wall. For generations watching television as a family has been a large part of daily life. The television is the centre of most living rooms. Installing the TV in the best spot is integral to your viewing experience.

Is it best to hang a TV on the wall? TV Aerials Blackpool would suggest that using a TV wall mount bracket for your TV will help provide the best viewing angle and make your living room look neater, especially if you have a smaller room. The TV wall brackets come in a variety of sizes and styles and they can be secured onto most wall types if the correct fixtures and fittings are used.

Contact TV Aerials Blackpool and we will advise and discuss the different types of tv wall bracket that are available on the market. We would suggest the best bracket to enable optimum viewing within your home. A large flat screen tv would be best on a flat bracket, whereas a smaller tv may be hung on an extending arm bracket or a tilting tv wall bracket. Whatever you require, we guarantee a first-class service. Call TV Aerials Blackpool today for further information 01253978414

TV Aerial Cable Blackpool

What type of cable do I need for TV aerial? TV Aerials Blackpool can attend and install coaxial cabling within your home or commercial premises. Installing the correct coax cabling is an integral part of the aerial installation and the quality of the coax cable connector is just as important. The most common coax cabling includes RG59/U, RG6/U and RG11/U. RG6 coax cable is the cable that is used most commonly within homes, it can transmit audio and video signal to televisions.

RG6 coax cabling is also used when distributing Satellite systems within homes and businesses, within British standards this coax cable is the minimum requirement for aerial cabling. The RG59/U cabling is best suited to basic analogue television feeds within the home, it is made from copper central conductors and ideally is used when terminating the ends with F-Type connectors. TV Aerials Blackpool also use this cabling with simple CCTV installations that only require a short length.

TV Aerials Blackpool tend to use RG11 for special purposes, such as burial or extremely long runs, also when installing large distribution setups, forming the backbone of a TV or Satellite system RG11/U coax is essential for a professional installation. Call TV Aerials Blackpool for any cabling related advice or to book an extension in with one of our engineers.

TV Aerial Cable Installation Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool and Satellites Blackpool

Satellite Dish Installers Blackpool

A UK Satellite dish installed by an experienced professional can receive hundreds of International and European television channels. TV Aerials Blackpool uses only the best equipment to install or realign an existing dish, enabling optimum reception. Correct alignment is essential in order to pick up multiple signals on the same dish. TV Aerials Blackpool can align your dish to receive Bulgarian, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Arabic Albanian and Romanian channels. These channels are viewed in a variety of languages.

There is now a massive amount of European and International satellites to connect to as our multicultural society is expanding, some satellites are free to view, and others require a subscription. Some foreign satellites will also require a larger dish, usually for the Arab and Nile Sat channels. Our engineers are trained to install foreign satellite systems.

Contact TV Aerials Blackpool for help and information regarding any satellite Installations. They will attend at your convenience and the engineers will supply, fit and install the dish and cabling, connecting the satellite box and aligning the dish to receive the desired channels. A simple Satellite Dish Installation takes roughly one hour. However, should you require a larger dish then we would have to return on another day if not stated on the initial booking.

How much does an aerial installation cost in Blackpool?

How much does it cost to get an aerial fitted? If you need a new aerial installation, the average cost of a new digital aerial is around £150 with additional sockets and cabling costing about £45. However, the cost of a new aerial also depends on the area that you live in and the proximity from the nearest mast. You also need to consider the number of rooms being connected to the aerial, multiple points will weaken the signal, therefore a High Gain aerial would be recommended to supply the rooms sufficiently.

TV Aerials Blackpool will attend your premises and help you identify which aerial would be best suited for your requirements. A quote will be provided, and the engineer will carry out the work that day if you want him to go ahead. An average Aerial installation takes around an hour.

Our services aren’t limited to TV aerial installations, TV Aerials Blackpool also install Satellite dishes, Phone lines, Wi-Fi networks as well as CCTV system installations. More recently we are being booked to install Sonos sound systems and multi-room facilities. If you would like to make inquiries about how much an aerial installation costs our office is available Monday to Saturday so, please call us and we will be happy to help and advise.

TV Aerial Price List for Blackpool

Aerial NeededPrice
BLACKPOOL32 Element Aerial£169+ Vat
POULTON-LE-FYLDE15 Element Aerial£199+ Vat
FLEETWOOD20 Element Aerial£129+ Vat
LYTHAM15 Element Aerial£149+ Vat
ST. ANNES32 Element Aerial£139+ Vat
NORTH SHORE52 Element TV Aerial
£179 + Vat
SOUTH SHORE20 Element Aerial£119+ Vat
MOSS SIDE52 Element TV Aerial
£179 + Vat
What's the cost for an aerial installation in Blackpool? Well here is a Rough TV Aerial Price List that should help you. If you need more information give us a call.
TV Aerials Blackpool

TV Aerial Specialists Blackpool

Check out TV Aerial Specialists Blackpool on our YouTube Video. We are continually updating our services and training our staff to provide the most current products on the market. Twenty years of experience means nothing if we don’t aspire to continually improve what services we offer. Continued training is essential. The engineers continually work hard to maintain our 5-star reviews and first-class customer services.

Whatever, TV Aerial Specialists Blackpool is only a phone call away, happy to attend your property. our customers require our engineers can deal with a vast array of repairs and installations, Initially, we started out installing Aerials and extensions before expanding to TV Wall Bracket mounting, Phone Line services, creating bespoke Sound Systems as well as ensuring your homes and businesses are secure with our CCTV System Installation Services.

We will attend residential homes as well as businesses. Did you know TV Aerials Blackpool continue to offer a wide variety of services without it costing the world? TV Aerial Specialists Blackpool uses the best equipment on the market and we have something to suit every budget. Most recently 4K televisions are becoming ever more popular and TV Aerials Blackpool can help create the best TV experience for your home and family. Learn More Here Now.

Magic Eye Installation Blackpool

We often get asked, what is a magic eye? A magic eye installation is an infrared transmitter, with a remote extender that lets you control the TV channels on your digital satellite box from another room within the house. The magic eye links between the coax cable and the aerial socket at the back of the television.

TV Aerials Blackpool are experienced in sky magic eye installations. After the magic eye installation, you will be able to watch free sat or sky in another room other than the one where the box is situated. You will still be able to watch HD digital channels.

Multiple eyes can be connected so you can install magic eyes into every room, to do this would require the installation of a global amplifier or a distribution amp that as IR bypass. The signal to the other rooms is sent through the cabling from the satellite. This is ideal for when you’re in the kitchen or in bed as you won’t require a second box.

The only negative is that the TV channels can only be changed via the main box, meaning the additional rooms can only watch what is showing on the main television. Obviously, this would not be ideal if you have a large family as everyone will want to watch different things. Please give us a call and TV Aerials Blackpool staff and engineers would be more than happy to assist.

TV Aerials Blackpool
Buy the best TV Aerial Booster in Blackpool

TV Aerial Booster Blackpool

An aerial booster is an RF amplifier designed to amplify your aerial signal, the installation of an aerial booster for tv allows the signal received through the aerial to be increased. TV Aerials Blackpool will always test the signal strength of the aerial using a meter. If the signal is poor or registers below the recommended level, the engineer would always suggest an amplifier to ensure the best signal and prevent pixelation.

When a large television system is installed the masthead or distribution amplifiers are required to ensure that the best reception is received throughout the property. Be aware, this type of distribution amplifier will pick up interference from radios if they are not installed correctly.

That’s why on TV Aerials Blackpool we would always recommend a professional engineer to come out and provide advice. The Incorrect installation of a booster may cause problems with televisions, as well as mobile phones and radio comms systems.

An aerial with booster can easily be concealed discreetly within the loft or roof cavity. Masthead amplifiers are more commonly attached to the aerial pole with a cable coming from the box and another lead running to the television within the property. They are quite simple and don’t affect the aesthetics of the property. Please feel free to call for more information on aerial boosters.

Best TV Aerial Connectors Blackpool

Although there are a variety of aerial cable connectors available, television aerials use three types of aerial connectors to input on televisions. TV Aerials Blackpool understand that the quality of the aerial wire connectors determines the performance of the signal to your televisions. Good quality cabling and connectors are as important as the aerial itself.

F connector is the most commonly used aerial connector. The connector uses a single pin connection made from the central wire of the cabling. A threaded cylinder covers the connector and allows you to screw it onto the television port, therefore securing the connection.

Alternatively, TV Aerials Blackpool may also use a UHF connector which uses a sprung, tooth-like clamp that the cabling is inserted onto. Once the core is exposed the cable is inserted and the collar tightened. The coax is terminated, and performance is improved.

For CATV, SATV and Digital TV, F-Type coax connectors are used alongside RG6 and RG11 cabling, and although screw aerial connectors are also available TV Aerials Blackpool believes that the crimp connectors, terminated using crimping tools produce the better connection. Call today to discuss the options or book an appointment

best TV Aerial Connectors Blackpool
Best Caravan Aerial Blackpool

Caravan TV Aerials Blackpool

If you’re looking for TV aerials for caravans, then TV aerials Blackpool can advise and install the best caravan aerials for you. Many caravans are like a second home, so there is no point having a large flat-screen TV if you can’t get any reception. Don’t let poor reception ruin your stay, TV Aerials Blackpool stock a variety of caravan tv aerials as well as caravan aerial pole.

The aerials and masts come in a variety of styles and sizes, whatever your requirements we can install the best caravan aerial or you. The caravan roof aerial is attached to a mast to provide additional height in order to receive optimum reception. The stronger the signal the better the picture that is received.

A High Gain aerial is known as a Diginova. It is a 10 element yagi-type UHF aerial that is watertight and UV resistant, ensuring it is protected from the elements. Once installed the aerial adapts itself to the received signal in the area, correcting any signal fluctuations and auto-adjusting the output to enable an optimum level for viewing. TV aerials Blackpool install these types or aerials to caravan parks as well as static caravans.

TV Aerial Splitters Blackpool

A TV aerial splitter would be required if you wanted to split an aerial feed to enable the aerial to feed two Freeview digital tv receivers within the property. We often get asked, does an aerial splitter weaken the signal? In simple terms, yes it will, however, if you encounter poor reception or signal loss once the feed has been split then TV Aerials Blackpool would recommend installing a distribution amplifier.

Can a TV aerial be split into multiple rooms? TV Aerials Blackpool connects aerials to multiple rooms regularly. Obviously connecting the extra rooms will requite splitters. For example, connecting the aerial to 5 additional rooms would require a 5-way aerial splitter. It is most likely that you will require an amplifier to boost the signal as well.

The engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool can also split sky leads and radio aerials. Ideally installing a High Gain Aerial would supply multiple rooms without the use of an amplifier. This is the most cost-effective way to supply multiple rooms. Call today and our engineers will call out and discuss the best way of connecting your rooms to the aerial. The engineers will use their meters to determine the strength and reception being received, from this information they will then suggest the best solution for your home.

TV Aerials Blackpool
Smart TV Installation Services Blackpool

Blackpool Smart TV Installation

Smart TV is fast becoming the most wanted viewing experience within most modern homes. The smart TV offers many additional programmes as well as allowing internet access and online apps. As the popular choice of most customers over recent years our engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool are more than capable of connecting them to your internet and setting them up for you. Call us today to make a booking at 01253978414

Does Smart TV require cable connection? We often get asked whether you can connect to the internet without plugging the internet cables directly into the television. Yes, you can the TV will pick up your home internet allowing you to browse the internet settings through the TV screen, accessing social media, the web and games. We can also help set up Netflix and Amazon accounts for you.

YouTube and other media can be streamed from your mobile phones or laptops directly through Smart TV. If you need any questions answering regarding purchasing a Smart TV or if you need help setting an existing one up, please get in touch and one of the engineers will call and offer help and guidance.

DAB Aerial Blackpool

What is a DAB aerial? Basically, it is an aerial to receive the best signal reception in the frequency band for which the aerial is intended. A combined omni-directional radio aerial, DAB-FM is used for FM analog radio as well as DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) simultaneously or for an individual single reception.

Which is the Best FM or DAB? This would depend on what it is your after, now DAB offers a wider range of channels but you can get most of them on freeview but if you love the Old stereo and don’t want to upgrade then stick with FM. Furthermore, TV Aerials Blackpool will install the best DAB Aerials outdoor onto your property, we recommend that the aerial is fitted externally in order to receive the best signal.

Our engineer installs multi directional FM aerials which will receive both FM and DAB signal. The aerial will be aligned to the closest transmitter to your property. Our engineers only install the latest outdoor DAB aerials on the market, our prices are competitive, and our aim is to provide the best customer service.

All engineers are trained and accredited and have years of experience. This will allow peace of mind for our customers who will receive the best installation possible. Learn More about FM and DAB aerial Installations

TV Aerials Blackpool - DAB Aerials Blackpool

Fibre Optic Cabling Blackpool

Fibre Optic Cabling is used for communication, the optical fibres transmit energy in the form of light pulses for telephone transmission. We often get asked, where are fibre optic cables used? Fibre optic cable transmission is used in both telecommunication and computer networking, it is flexible and is ideal for long-distance communications, light travels through the fibres at a much lower attenuation to electrical cables.

TV Aerials Blackpool are experienced in the installation of fibre optic cabling. If you require an installation or any advice regarding any issues associated with fibre optics, then call us and we can book for one of our engineers to come out and offer his help and advice.

We offer a full range of fibre optic services include the installation of the cabling, splicing or simple fibre optic tests. Our certified engineers are trained to splice your network cables. Learn More about Fibre splicing services.

Our engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool can advise and design a bespoke system to meet your individual requirements. We have installed fibre optics to many different sites, these include homes, schools, apartment blocks, offices, businesses and industrial properties. Call today to book for one of our team to attend your property 01253978414

TV Aerials Blackpool - The best Fibre Optic Cabling Services in Blackpool
Cat5 Services by TV Aerials Blackpool

CAT5 Ethernet Cable Blackpool

At TV Aerials Blackpool our team of experienced engineers are trained to install turnkey Cat5, Cat6 and Fibre Optic Data Cables. Cat5/Cat6 cabling is now the backbone of all modern business systems.

We can install the communication system or just investigate and repair an existing one for you. Customers will often ask, is Cat5 cable an ethernet cable? It is and Cat5e ethernet cabling has been enhanced to improve the speed and reduce interference when supporting 1000Mbps gigabit speeds.

If you require a communication system designing for your home or workplace, TV Aerials Blackpool can offer advice and design options to create a bespoke comms system to suit your requirements. Each system will be tailored to both your property and your budget. A quote will be provided, and all installations include a 12-month warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Contact our office staff today and they can provide you with information about the variety of services on offer. We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction, our online reviews reflect the professionalism of the engineers. We hope you take a moment to read through them.

CCTV Installation Blackpool

If you are considering having a CCTV camera installation at home our engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool would suggest that you give us a call and make an appointment for one of our professional team members to call and provide you with a free site survey and a no obligation quotation. At the visit they will discuss all aspects of the CCTV camera installation, they will also provide a demonstration on their mobile phones so that you can get an idea of the quality of the system before you decide.

Once you have made an informed decision our experienced engineers will supply, fit and install the camera system of your choice. You must read through our customer reviews to understand how committed and professional they all are when it comes to carrying out a CCTV installation.

All the systems that we install can be accessed via mobile phones or other devices. Using only Hikvision and Qviz equipment as we believe these are the best on the market. All the CCTV installations carry a 12-month warranty and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For advice and guidance on a CCTV installation please call today. CCTV can be a massive deterrent from crime or theft whether it be in a residential home or a business. Having a system installed may prevent you being a victim of crime and save you a lot of financial burden and emotional upset.

CCTV Installations by TV Aerials Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool installs Burglar Alarm Installations in Blackpool

Burglar Alarm Blackpool

We at TV Aerials Blackpool are aware that in today’s society crime continues to rise and the public is now opting for CCTV systems and burglar alarm installation in an attempt to deter criminal activity happening to their homes and properties. If you are you considering securing your home or business TV Aerials Blackpool are experienced burglar alarm system installers and we understand the importance of security for our customers.

Burglar alarm systems have become more popular and the variety of equipment has become more accessible to the public, systems are available on the market to suit every budget. TV Aerials Blackpool provide the best possible burglar alarms and all our installations carry a 12-month warranty.

The staff at TV Aerials Blackpool continuously update their knowledge, through training, ensuring they provide all customers with the most current services, equipment and systems. We can design and install burglar alarm systems for residential properties as well as businesses premises.

Preferring to offer Hikvision and Qviz burglar alarm and CCTV security systems, both of these can be monitored via an app so that you can check on your properties from wherever you are. Call our team today for advice on creating a bespoke system to suit your requirements 01253978414

Communal Aerial and Satellite Systems in Blackpool

What is a communal aerial? A communal aerial system is usually installed within a communal building, like an elderly care complex or a block of flats that TV Aerials Blackpool installs and service regularly. Installing a communal aerial system provides digital TV throughout all areas of the development. The communal aerial system works by connecting multiple homes to one single communal aerial.

A communal system can also be provided through a satellite dish. Just as the aerial would be connected to multiple flats, the dish would too. Communal systems provide a signal to each room or property without the use of multiple aerials or dishes. These systems are ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools and commercial properties. For many years TV Aerials Blackpool have been designing and installing communal Aerial and Satellite systems within care homes, apartment blocks, schools and hotels to name a few.

The systems that TV Aerials Blackpool supply can receive terrestrial digital television or SkyQ, we can also set up systems that receive foreign satellite channels. Over recent years, as CCTV systems have become more popular, we have noticed a massive increase in the demand, and we now design, install and set up communal security systems as well. Communal systems are far more complicated than a standard residential Aerial or Satellite dish installation, as the entire system must be developed to supply multiple televisions from the one system. If you require any information on the installation of a Communal System contact us on 01253978414

Communal Satellite repairs by TV Aerials Blackpool
WIFI Installations TV Aerials Blackpool

WIFI Installation in Blackpool

If you are contemplating installing a Wi-Fi system within your home or business premises, TV Aerials Blackpool specialise in designing solutions to suit all. We install both wired and wireless systems. Our homes now are packed with multiple devices like mobile phones, laptops, gaming systems and smart TV’s, therefore a reliable, fast connection is a must.

We can install a system for you or boost your existing one, we offer reasonable rates to meet all budgets and we also provide repairs and maintain existing systems. Call TV Aerials Blackpool today to book an appointment.

The engineer will attend your property and discuss your requirements and together you can decide whether you want a wireless system or the installation of Cat5 cabling. The engineer will explain the various options for ensuring the best signal through the premises, often this requires combining both cabling and wireless.

The wireless system is referred to as Mesh Systems and this would always be recommended as they are the best for businesses as well as residential homes, especially as many family homes now require Wi-Fi in every room. We also supply and install access points around the property to enable Wi-Fi on each floor or you could choose to assign alternative SSID to separate the network.

Blackpool’s Wireless CCTV Door Bell Installations

Doorbell installations have recently been introduced to our list of services at TV Aerials Blackpool. The doorbells we supply can be answered through your mobile phone regardless of where you are.

These wireless doorbells also have a plug-in chime to be situated within the home or property as well as receiving alerts via your mobile phone. The doorbells start at £199+vat supplied, fitted and installed and they also enable you to speak to the person at your door through your mobile phone app.

If a parcel arrives it is easy to give instructions to the delivery company on where to leave it. The doorbell also has motion detection and will also let you know when someone is in the garden. Once an appointment has been booked our engineers will call to your property to demonstrate exactly how the doorbell works. They can then install yours on the day or return at a later date. Call the office direct today on 07850636902

TV Aerials Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool offer Home Cinema Systems

Home Theatre System Installations Blackpool

Here at TV Aerials Blackpool we work alongside our customers to create the best Home Cinema systems for your premises. When building a system for your home you will require projectors, sound systems, receivers and amplifiers to replicate the complete cinema experience.

With over twenty years of experience installing home cinema systems we can help and advise on the most suitable ones for you. We have created Home Cinemas in cellars, lofts, and outbuildings. Whatever your budget we can suggest a system to suit you.

We offer twelve months warranty on all our installations and we can continue to service the system for as long as you desire. For more information or to book an appointment, call the office today

4K HDMI Multiroom Blackpool

A 4K HDMI multi-room system will allow you to start watching a programme in the kitchen and finish from the sofa. Likewise, you could watch the same or different programmes in any room. Using a 1Gb network and Cat5/6 cabling TV Aerials Blackpool can construct a 4K or 1080p HDMI matrix system of any size for our customers.

Once only thought of as a wealthy person’s option, this has changed in recent years as there are so many types of equipment on the market to meet different budgets. Our experienced engineers install the systems within homes and business premises. Once the initial system is constructed within the property, be it residential or commercial, extra screens and sources can be added in the future.

The engineers can also install both inputs and outputs if required. HDTV Distribution of 4K, Video over IP and HDMI can be set up to create AV integration. TV Aerials Blackpool are continually re-training to keep up to date with the most current distribution equipment on the market. For advice and information on anything concerning distribution systems please call today and we will be happy to help,

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Phone line repairs at TV Aerials Blackpool

Blackpool Telephone Repairs

As an independent company, we at TV Aerials Blackpool are also able to offer telephone repair services and Wifi services without the long waiting times and large costs of some of the well-known providers.

We can attend telephone line faults and installations, install additional extension lines, install new sockets or repair existing ones, repair internet and broadband faults, as well as any maintenance work that may be required.

Our independent engineers at TV Aerials Blackpool will visit you, discuss what is required, offer a price and if you would like the work carried out they can do it the same day.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and keeping our costs down, therefore there are no hourly charges or expensive bills. All work will be carried out on the visit and our engineers will always try to suggest a solution to any issues.

They also test and improve your internet speed and all our installations, additional extensions or sockets can be installed at half the cost of BT. Call us today to discuss your requirements on 01253978414

Sonos Installations Blackpool

A Sonos installation is the set up of a Sonos wireless sound system which works by connecting one single speaker to your home network, then adding more Sonos units (up to a maximum of 32, dotted around the house) into the mix, using a dedicated secure wireless mesh network known as Sonosnet. At TV Aerials Blackpool, Sonos System installation and repair have now been added to our list of service provisions and our engineers will visit your home or place of work to discuss and design a Sonos system that will be perfect for you.

The engineers can advise which systems will suit your property as well as your budget. Most customers choose to transform part of their home into their very own cinema room, however we are frequently being asked to deliver Sonos connect services, such as home automation connection through touch screen interfaces and smart technology within business and commercial properties This technology allows you to control your homes and businesses regardless of where you are.

We can also install audio, streaming music through the property. Sonos is a wireless music system that can be installed throughout your property into all rooms or simply into one. Streaming is also used for businesses and conferences. Whatever your want installing into your home or business our engineers can help and advise every step of the way.

TV Aerials Blackpool
TV Aerials Blackpool

Sound Bar Installation Blackpool

So, how does a soundbar work? A sound bar is an all-in-one speaker system that delivers high-quality TV sound without requiring the space, complexity and expense of a home theatre setup. A sound bar long, slender cabinet contains two or more speakers, and may provide either stereo or surround sound. Most homes don’t have the space to accommodate a full surround sound cinema system, therefore most families opt for a sound bar installation.

In recent months TV Aerials, Blackpool has received an increasing number of customers looking for a soundbar installation at their property. A soundbar is simply connected to the audio outputs on your television, making it an easy addition to your system. A good soundbar should come complete with wireless subwoofers, Bluetooth music streaming, network access as well as optical and HDMI connections.

Our engineers are happy to visit and advise on the various soundbars on the current market, it is surprising how the addition of a soundbar makes such a massive improvement to the sound quality. Call today on 01253978414

Audiovisual Installations within Blackpool

What is audio visual system? Audiovisual (AV) means possessing both a sound and a visual component, such as slide-tape presentations, films, television programs, church services and live theatre productions. Audiovisual set ups can web stream, video conference and live broadcast.

If you require information on installing an audio and video system? TV Aerials Blackpool can advise on everything you need to know when considering this. Whether you want to add a system to your home or a business premise our engineers will create a bespoke system that is perfect for you. From a sound system installation to a projector, we cover all aspects of AV installations. We have set up restaurants, bars, boardrooms, halls, call centres & hotels, basically anywhere that has an audiovisual requirement.

With many different options available our team at TV Aerials Blackpool will help recommend what would be best for you. They will arrange a visit to discuss all the options and provide a quote to suit your budget. As well as installing the equipment the engineers can also enclose the cabling discreetly and demonstrate how the system works with everything programmed to one remote control.

Take a moment to read through our reviews, our 5 star customer comments reinforce the professionalism of our engineers. Call today for more information or to make an appointment.

TV Aerials Blackpool
FAQ Aerial Questions Blackpool - TV Aerials Blackpool

Frequently Asked Questions at TV Aerials Blackpool

If you have any Qusetions that are not answered here then TV Aerials Blackpool is only a phone call away. Furthermore, Antennas Blackpool offer a wide variety of services and we are more than happy to help and advise on any of them. Alternatively, you could complete the contact form and we will get back in touch as soon as possible. Or you could always give Gary a ring the Freephone on 08000132341.

How do I stop my digital TV from Pixelating?2019-11-17T14:18:46+00:00
TV Aerials Blackpool would suggest that to fix poor picture quality on your TV you can try unplugging and replugging the coaxial connections to your digital box.
  1. Unplug the power to your Digital Box.
  2. Unscrew the coaxial cable connection from the back of the Digital Box as well as at the wall outlet.
  3. Reconnect both cables.

Also, A faulty HDMI cable can sometimes cause damage to your video signa . While a faulty cable will not cause any damage to the TV it self, but it can render a system inoperable. Most people never even consider the fact that the HDMI cable itself can cause problems.

It can also be Interference with Radio, TV and Telephone Signals especially with the introduction of 4G and 5G transmission. … Interference may prevent reception altogether, may cause only a temporary loss of a Digital and Anologue TV signal, or may affect the quality of the sound or picture produced by your equipment. The two most common causes of interference are transmitters and electrical equipment.

The Final Reson is that you have a faulty Aerial Antenna or Not enough Signal From it and in this case you would need to boost the signal with an amplifier.

If you still have problems then call TV Aerials Blackpool and we can check the aerial on the property and advise on a solution.

Why is my digital TV picture breaking up?2019-11-17T14:34:57+00:00

There are a few reasons why your digital TV picture is breaking up. The reason is that the TV picture is freezing or breaking up in this way is most commonly caused by a weak signal. This might be because there is limited or intermittent coverage at your address in Blackpool, or your cable connections may be faulty. Certain weather conditions can also affect the signal, especially high pressure, rain and snow.

If your Signal Strength is below 50%, then you might start seeing issues with your picture.

  • You can check your signal quality in the settings menu.
  • Bring up the menu with your remote.
  • Select Settings.
  • Go to the Signal & Connection area and select Signal Quality.

Also, TV stations do sometimes change frequencies, which could result in you no longer getting the channel, even if your TV is tuned to the proper channel number. This is happening on certain stations throughout Blackpool and will simply need a retune and should there still be a problem it may well be at the transmitter itself and not your TV. If you need more help contact TV Aerials Blackpool.

How do I boost my TV Aerial signal in Blackpool?2019-11-17T14:49:33+00:00

The best solution is to find a way to boost the incoming signal. Ideally you could:

  • Move the aerial to new location or height, if you’re using an indoor aerial. Moving it even a few inches (centimeters) can make a difference. It’s best to move it just a bit and then wait a few minutes to see if reception improves before moving it more.
  • Realign the aerial, if you’re using an outdoor one. This may reduce or eliminate multipath problems. Note that outdoor antennas normally get better reception than indoor ones.
  • Watch the signal strength meter on the digital-to-analog converter box or television as you move or aim the antenna. Try to get the highest reading possible.
  • Install a signal amplifier or booster between the aerial and receiver to increase the signal strength.

If your aerial is in the Loft and safe to access try Wrap your TV AERIAL in tin foil. Wrapping aluminum foil around your Digital Aerial will basically increase the surface area and conductivity of the aerial to boost the signal that your But the best way is still TV receives from it.

But the best way is to use a Aerial Amplifire that TV Aerials Blackpool can provide or just search any of these.

1SLx Signal Booster 2 to 12-Way⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Labgear Pro TV Aerial Booster⭐⭐⭐⭐
31 For All Signal Boosters⭐⭐⭐
4Triax Aerial Amplifier⭐⭐⭐⭐
Do new build properties come with TV Aerials Installed?2019-10-16T11:55:28+01:00

Most new-build companies don’t fit TV aerials as standard, mainly because many homebuyers prefer Sky, cable or Free-satellite television. They do, however, install the necessary cabling, from aerial sockets in each room, into the loft space.  If you require the installation of a TV Aerial then TV Aerials Blackpool are more than happy to attend and carry the install out for you.

Which is the best TV Aerial company in Blackpool?2019-10-31T12:09:24+00:00

The best aerial companies are usually the one that have been recommended by someone you know that has used them previously and had a good experience. It is also a good idea to check their online reviews and book for them to attend your property so that you can meet them yourself and make your own decision.  Obviously we would say TV Aerials Blackpool, however we will let you decide for yourself.

Can I watch TV without an aerial or dish?2019-11-17T15:09:43+00:00

The answer is Yes and No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial or satellite dish in Blackpool. So, you will not need an aerial or satellite installed at your property but you can stream tv if it’s a smart TV or you have a catchup box and in this case, you just need the internet.

Reserving TV options are as follows:

Paid and Free Satellite TV The obvious alternative to watching Digital TV which is not trough an aerial instead is to watch it through a satellite dish. To watch free or paid satellite TV you will need a dish and some sort of satellite receiver, this is usually a satellite set-top box such as Freesat but many TV’s have inbuilt satellite tuners as well as Freeview just look for the f-type connection on the back. And if your still not sure just call TV Aerials Blackpool and one of our engineers will talk you through it.
Next is an Indoor aerial if you cant use an outdoor aerial:
How to set up your indoor aerial Step 1: Choosing the right aerial Indoor aerials to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have amplifiers designed to help pick up weak signals more easily, however, we find they can sometimes actually cause picture interference. Go for one of our Best Buy indoor aerials and maximise your chances of getting good reception. If you can’t, ask the shop if you can return the aerial in case it doesn’t work properly. For more on this, head to our guide on how to buy the best indoor TV aerial.
Step 2: Getting set up Plug the aerial cable into the back of the TV or set-top box you’re going to use. Some aerials are omnidirectional, meaning you don’t have to worry about aligning them to match your local transmitter. However, most will need you to position them in either horizontal or vertical alignment. Try looking at the rooftop aerials on properties around you and see which way they’re facing. Then adjust your aerial accordingly. If you’re using a new television or set-top box, then you’ll need to tune it to the local digital channels. As you won’t yet know the best position for your indoor TV aerial, this could be a problem as you may not be getting full reception. A possible solution is to attach the TV or box to a working aerial connection in a different room in your home (if one is available), and then tune in. Alternatively, you could take it to a friend or neighbour’s house and tune to their rooftop aerial.
Step 3: Positioning the aerial Switch your TV to a Freeview channel (BBC One is a safe choice), and start slowly and carefully moving your indoor aerial around to find good reception. We typically find aerials work best near a window at head height. If this is some distance away from where the TV is placed, then you may need extension leads. You’ll need cables with ‘male’ and ‘female’ connectors for this, but if you’re not sure just ask for help in home electrical or hardware shop. As indoor aerials aren’t the prettiest of things to look at, you may want to hide yours on top of a set of shelves or a sideboard, so it doesn’t clutter up your living room.
Step 4: Getting all the channels Digital TV channels are combined into six bundles, called multiplexes, and transmitted at different frequencies across the TV airwaves. Poor reception in one part of the band could mean you miss out on an entire multiplex and all the channels it holds. To check whether you have full reception, tune to BBC One, ITV, BBC One HD, Dave, Yesterday and QVC (each channel is on a different multiplex). A good aerial should give you at least the first three channels, but the latter three can depend on where you live. The Digital UK website has a useful postcode checker for you to find out which channels you should expect to receive.
Step 5: Securing Finding the optimal position for your indoor aerial is crucial in getting good, sustained TV reception, and we, therefore, recommend securing it when you’re up and running. Adhesive Velcro pads are a good option, or Blu-Tack can work well, too. Some aerials can even be wall-mounted, which makes it easier to hide them away from view. Browse our Best Buy aerials to see all the best performers. Top tips if you still can’t get good reception Even Best Buy indoor aerials sometimes can’t get good TV reception in your home. This can be down to several factors, such as where your house is concerning other buildings. If you still have poor reception, then there are several possible solutions. Install the indoor aerial in a higher location and, if possible, running an extension lead down to your TV.

Wire an extension from a working rooftop aerial to your TV with poor reception (we’d advise getting a professional to do this). Get a rooftop aerial installed. Again, get a professional – check the Confederation of Aerial Industries for more on this. Use a video sender card to re-broadcast the Freeview signal from a working set-top box in your home. These can cost around £25 but go into the hundreds for the top-end models. If none of that works and you don’t want the expense of pay-TV, Freesat is a subscription-free, digital satellite TV alternative. You get plenty of standard and high-definition channels at a one-off cost, although you’ll need to get a satellite dish installed if you don’t have one already. To find out more, head to our guide to What is Freesat?

Watch TV Over the Internet
If you don’t have a Smart TV (one that allows you to access the Internet and streaming services through the TV itself), you‘ll need a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. … On the go, many users opt to stream programs directly on their iOS or Android device
How Much Does A TV Aerial Cost In Blackpool?2019-10-15T16:06:07+01:00

A typical Aerial Installation in Blackpool costs around £120+vat.  For more information on TV Aerials contact TV Aerials Blackpool

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