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Smart TV Installation Service
Smart TV Installation Services

What is Smart TV?

Also known as Internet TV, Smart TV is any TV that can provide additional programs through internet connectivity.  It’s like having a computer built into your TV. This allows you to access a range of different online services, including video on demand, live messaging, web browsing, IPV (internet protocol television) which is a type of video standard and social networking. Smart TVs have a system called DLNA.  This allows you to stream media from phones or computers onto your TV. High end TVs definitely offer Smart TV but also mid-range and even some budget range.  Should you have any concerns or questions simply ask the person you are purchasing the TV from – What is Smart TV ?

What Apps run on Smart TV?

From the homepage, you will have access to content, also known as Apps.  Some of the Apps TCL run are:

  • Netflix – provider of TV shows and movies accessible only online
  • HBBTV – Means you can get both standard and free to air services (Freeview Plus)
  • Go Live – You can stream international content from around the world

Most Apps available for social networking, video streaming, messaging and web browsing will be available on a Smart TV.

How do I get Smart TV?

Not all TVs are Smart TV’s, so you have to make sure your TV has all the connectivity that’s required to access Smart TV.  You will need to be connected to the internet through have an Ethernet port, as well as access to a broadband network.  Check the TCL website and you will find the TVs that support the Smart capabilities.

How do Smart TVs connect to the internet?

A Smart TV will have an Ethernet port.  This will allow you to plug it straight into your home router.  Certain models are able to access Wi-Fi, whether it be through the internet hardware in the home or a USB dongle which supports wireless connection.  If you need to start from scratch then you will need to set up a home network, which is similar to setting up a laptop.

Smart TV Installation services
Smart TV Installers Near Me

How to connect a Smart TV to The Internet

  1. First, identify the Ethernet port on the back of your Smart TV.
  2. Connect your Ethernet cable to the back of your router.
  3. then plug into the port on your Television.
  4. Then select Menu on your Smart TV remote and then go to the Network.
  5. Select the option to enable wired internet Connection.
  6. Type your Wi-Fi password into a smart TV using your remote’s buttons.
  7. You will then be better using the run test if possible.
  8. Check the TV is connected by trying Netflix or BBC Iplayer.
  9. If there is a problem contact a Smart TV Installation Company.

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