Sky Multiroom

At Sky Multiroom we specialize in discreet roof mounted dish installations, in comparison to other companies who find it acceptable to fit a dish above your front door or partially obscuring your living room window.

In order to view Sky you will require a satellite dish and Sky receiver in your home.

Sky HD boxes have a built in hard drive and two tuners which not only allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but also to record and store over a hundred hours of programmes which will revolutionize the way you watch TV forever.

You can have as many Sky boxes in your home as you want but extra viewing cards for them will cost an additional £10 a month per box. Alternatively we can design and install a bespoke system where Sky can be viewed in multiple rooms using just one receiver.

The limitation of this set up is that just one Sky channel can be viewed at a time, but by using an infrared sensor at each TV, full control of the Sky box can be achieved from any room.

Sky Multiroom

High Definition TV 

Sky Digital comes with a fantastic choice of entertainment for the whole family.?With hundreds of channels dedicated to sport, movies, entertainment, documentaries, and news, there is something for everyone, and Sky Multiroom can provide the same high-quality hardware and installation expertise as Sky themselves.

We supply a fantastic range of set-top boxes and satellite dishes to suit every budget.?We can also arrange your chosen package of Sky channels.?So, if you are thinking of upgrading to Sky Digital, get in touch with us on 07834549340 today and we will do the rest.

Unlike many other aerial installations and TV specialists in the united kingdom, all of our engineers have been certified and accredited.?We will always arrive at your home in uniform and carry an identification card, and we promise we will be on time and able to deal with any challenges that face us.

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