Projector Installation Services can install any system you require, the projector screen is a permanently mounted wall screen with an attractive 80mm contoured aluminum frame covered with black velour giving a sleek, modern screen appearance. The projector screen is suitable for front projection applications.  The screen is easy to assemble and install providing a perfectly flat screen viewing surface.  Our engineers at projector installation services can carry out the work as neatly and discreetly as possible.

Whether you need to promote a product, motivate and train staff or educate a class, a multimedia projector puts your message in the face of your audience. Put simply, a multimedia projector makes your computer or TV.  As we provide an extensive range of projectors to satisfy our customers diverse range of needs, choosing the right projector for your needs doesnt need to be confusing.

Projectors are multi-purpose however they are also designed for specific uses including:

  • Portability
  • Installation: Fixed/Hanging, Rear Projection, Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw
  • Large Venues

Projector Installation Services can offer a projector installation service near me to ensure your equipment is installed in a professional manner. We have trained, professional staff who are experienced in audio visual installations.  Our team will provide you with comprehensive manuals, staff training, and onsite commissioning to ensure your equipment is easy to use.

Whether you need a wall mounted or ceiling mounted screen, a ceiling recessed screen, a tab-tensioned or free hanging screen, projector installation service has the right screen for your application.  Combine the perfect screen with the perfect control option and you have a product that delivers quality and performance.

You can see various projectors on the websites of our major suppliers: Panasonic Projector Installer Services

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Projector installation

Projector installation