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Polish Satellite Installation Services

So How do I get a Polish Satellite Dish Installed?

” Well That’s Simple Contact Gary at Polish Satellite Dish Installation services and we can have you connected in no time at all”

Welcome to Polish Satellite installation services, we are here to help you with your Polish satellite needs. We know that for the 100,000 plus members of the Polish community in the UK  here are some Satellite TV channels available in England. for the millions of Irish in Europe – RTE and Sky did a deal, and you can not see RTE free to air on Satellite. Contact Gary through the contact form here.

Polish Satellite Installation

Polish Satellite Installation

  • 4 Fun TV Hot Bird 4
  • Edusat Hot Bird 1
  • ITV Hot Bird 1
  • Mango 24 Hot Bird 1
  • Podróze TV Hot Bird 6
  • Polonia 1 Hot Bird 1 & 6
  • Polsat Zdrowie i urodaHot Bird 6
  • Tele 5 Hot Bird 1
  • TV Biznes Hot Bird 4
  • TV Puls Hot Bird 6
  • TVN Hot Bird 1 [Pal]
  • TVN Gra Hot Bird 1
  • Viva Polska Hot Bird 6
  • TV TRWAM Astra 2C
  • TVP 3 Regionalna Astra 2C
  • TV Polonia Astra 2C Hot Bird 1 Eutelsat W3A
  • TVP Kultura Astra 2C Hot Bird 1 Eutelsat W3A

Call Gary at  Polish Satellite installation services on 0800 0132341 or mobile 07860244274

Hot Bird 13° East – Astra 2C 19° East – Eutelsat W3A 7° East

Also, Polish Satellite installation services can install for you, the Polish NC plus channels. NC + is the latest Polish tv platform and broadcasts all the well known and popular Polish channels. . In March of 2013, Cyfra+ was merged with competitor platform N and so NC + came about.

I can provide a prepaid card for any of the 6 available packages from NC+

  1.  DOMOWY+ 51 channels,
  2.  COMFORT+ 128 channels
  3.  EXTRA+ 133 channels,
  4. CANAL+ POLAND 102 channels
  5. COMFORT+ and CANAL+ POLAND 136 channels
  6. EXTRA+ and CANAL+ POLAND 141 channels

How to watch Polish TV in the UK online

It goes without saying that there has always been a large Polish population in the UK ever since 200,000 Poles made the UK home after the second world war. In 2004 the EU enlarged and with that it saw the total number of Poles in the UK rise to nearly 700,000. With Polish now the second most spoken language in the UK it leads to a greater need for Polish language TV and one of the best ways to find that is online.

If you’re Polish or of Polish descent then accessing TV stations from back home in Poland is a great way of keeping up to date on Polish news and also watch Polish made TV programmes that you otherwise can’t access in the UK.

One of the best ways to watch Polish TV in the UK is online but the problem is many TV station websites based in Poland restrict access to viewers in Poland so I’ve created this small guide to show you how easy it is to watch Polish TV in the UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Why is online Polish TV blocked in the UK

When you try to access a Polish language TV service online such as TVP.pl then the website checks your internet connection.

Your internet connection is assigned an IP Address which is unique to you at the time of connection. From your IP Address, any website you visit like TVP.pl can determine you are in the UK. Any website including Polish websites can easily see the country you’re in.

Due to this website in Poland showing TV services will block any IP Address that is not Polish and so with you being in the UK it will refuse to show you the programmes you wish to watch.

How to watch Polish TV in the UK online

One of the best Polish TV websites especially for sport is sport.tvp.pl that shows many sporting events that you just can’t view in the UK so even if you’re not Polish then it’s worth checking out too. They recently showed the whole of the Copa America tournament in 2015 for free whereas in the UK it was only available on expensive Pay Per View TV.

So to watch Polish TV in the UK you need a way of getting a Polish IP Address for your internet connection. This is done by signing up to a service called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Accessing a VPN is simple and comes in the form of a small piece of software you download and install on your desktop or laptop but is also available in app form for portable devices like tablets and mobiles.

VPN services are offered by a range of companies and as long as they offer a “Polish Server” (not all do) then it’ll be fine for watching Polish TV in the UK.

Something for everyone here. Plenty of films and sport. The full package shows a good number of English Premier League matches too ! Many of the English and American films shown have dual language tracks so you can enjoy them in English as well as Polish

  • 10892 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 nc+, 38.0 Mbps
  • 10911 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 Polsat, 61.3 Mbps
  • 11179 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 Telespazio Digital Platform, 38.0 Mbps
  • 11278 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 nc+, 59.9 Mbps
  • 11296 H DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 {90DDA122-D72A-44F4-8716-F5971, 59.9 Mbps
  • 11393 V DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 42.2 Mbps
  • 11488 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 CYFRA+, 42.2 Mbps
  • 11508 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 TVN, 61.3 Mbps
  • 11585 V DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 GCP/EHB13A_154, 38.0 Mbps
  • 11642 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 Belgium Satellite Services, 38.0 Mbps
  • 11662 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 Telespazio, 59.9 Mbps
  • 12284 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 Polsat, 42.2 Mbps

Polish Satellite Dish Installation

So How do I get a Polish Satellite Dish Installed?

” Well That’s Simple Contact Gary at Polish Satellite Dish Installation services and we can have you connected in no time at all”
Typical dish for Polish Free channels, with good quality high gain Technomate Black/Gold LNB and galvanised wall bracket.

Polish TV most popular free channels

Poland broadcasts quite a few free channels, which can be received with simple standard definition receivers. To receive all of them, a dish on both Hotbird and Astra satellites is required

All the free Polish channels by Dish on Astra and Hotbird

Although, just the Hotbird satellite, will give you the vast majority of them.

free channels

With the current production of HD receivers reaching an all-time high , the prices have dropped dramatically so make sure to choose an HD receiver, even if all your channels are SD ( standard definition) the reason being not just that most of Europe countries are planning to introduce HD channels, but also the screen rendering of SD channels from an HD box is a lot better, due to the electronics. New digital filters, integral in the display chips in new receivers, have brought the price down , that makes it easy for the receiver manufacturers to include better and more complex filters ( see my article on HD screen rendering ) which will give you a better crisper picture with less digital ‘effects’ , the fuzzy bits you always get with digitally produced pictures.

I have been using the Technomate range of receivers for the last year and these world-beating boxes are superb! Much better pictures than receivers, which last year was costing 50% more than the Technomate models, plus many features which allow, communications online, epg screens, easy network connection (no longer just Ethernet) with WiFi dongles available. The Alien Amiko model shown can also stream your favourite channel to your phone or tablet

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