Periodic TV Aerials

The Periodic TV Aerials are wideband aerials marked (W) below have no 4G immunity. Aerials marked (4G) have some 4G and TETRA immunity but may still require a filter if interference from these sources is still a problem.

* The LP20FHV at just 440mm long is an ideal aerial for indoors where the signal is strong enough.

  • Frequency range 470-790MHz
  • TV channels 21-60
  • Forward gain dBd 8.0
  • Forward gain dBi 10.2
  • Front / back ratio dB >20.0
  • Beam width +/- dag 26°
  • 4G filtering LTE800
  • Connector F-type
  • Width: Length 1040mm
  • Depth: Width 340mm
Periodic TV Aerials