Harrogate’s Bad reception Areas

As part of a Government scheme to clear TV frequencies in preparation for future 5G services, the Harrogate TV region became the latest to be affected by changes to Freeview. The changes also affect YouView (BT TV, Plusnet TV, TalkTalk TV) as well as Now TV Smart Box and EE TV users in the region.

Throughout the day aerial installers and specialists in London have reported high demand for their services, with many angry viewers complaining on social media about the changes, which has resulted in some viewers losing access to channels including BBC Four HD, Al Jazeera, Keep It Country, FreeSports and PBS America.

The Freeview frequency clearance programme began with next to no fanfare in parts of Scotland last year and is due to continue on a region-by-region basis until 2020 when 5G services are expected to arrive in the UK. Similar changes also took place in parts of Southern England.

Harrogate's Bad reception Areas
Harrogate's Bad reception Areas

Freeview in Harrogate

Viewers have been advised to retune to restore channels. But some channels are now available on frequencies never used before by the capital’s main Emley moor transmitter (pictured above), meaning some aerials will not be able to pick up all channels as before.

However, viewers receiving Freeview via a shared or communal aerial may also not be able to receive all available services: despite letters from Digital UK, the organisation overseeing the changes, to landlords, it appears some have failed to ensure aerial systems are suitable, or pass through the correct frequencies, based on feedback from affected viewers today.

For viewers receiving Freeview from one of the many relays dotted around Harrogate, the changes have resulted in even the main channels such as BBC One being affected.