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Germany Satellite Installers are devoted to Satellite channels from Germany. For the last 20 years, i’ve been installing satellite tv from Germany ( and most European countries ) in England Scotland and Wales. I do both satellite systems to receive the many free channels and the Subscription ( Sky Germany ) channels too. Germany Satellite Installers knows Germany broadcasts many free channels both national and regional. The Astra satellite is easily receivable in all parts of the Uk and Europe with basic satellite dish and receivers.

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Furthermore, Germany Satellite Installers supply HD receivers with optional recording disc, enjoy your familiar Das Erste and ZDF and around 150 free channels from Germany. The signal is strong over the UK and so the dish is not huge, only slightly larger than the common Sky dish.

You can even order the twin tuner satellite receiver, enabling you to record one channel whilst watching another, all in HD quality, Germany broadcasts more HD channels than any other country in Europe. If you have family wanting both English and German, this can easily be arranged too.

To get a free quote for German television, installing anywhere in the UK, contact Germany Satellite Installers.

Germany Satellite Installers


There are a wide range of German programmes which can be picked up by satellite, including the following:

Main channels

ARD / ZDF – equivalent to BBC1 and BBC2 in the UK
Regional channels

RBB – Berlin / Brandenburg
NDR – Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein / Niedersachsen
WDR – Nordrhein-Westfalen
MDR – Sachsen / Sachsen-Anhalt / Thüringen
SWR – Baden- Württemberg

At present many German programmes are broadcast in both analogue and digital modes but, of course, the analogue transmissions will be discontinued in the not-too-distant future. The analogue transmissions will make partial a switch-off on 6.11.04 and plan a complete switch-off on 1.1.05 . But, for the moment, you can use a (minimum) 60 cm dish with “universal” LNB and an analogue satellite receiver that will work with a “universal” or an “enhanced” (9.75 GHz) LNB. Germany Satellite Installers know that Analogue receivers are no longer readily obtained but you can probably get one from your local rubbish tip or from eBay.

Germany Satellite Installers

That’s the cheapest route and, when you can afford it, you simply swap the analogue receiver for a Free To Air digital receiver. Or you could go the digital route immediately.

You do NOT need a subscription, card or CAM. You do NOT need Sky, although, if you might want Sky in future you should choose an 80 cm dish with a bracket for a second LNB. You do NOT need to “join” any satellite company. The German broadcasts are FREE!

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Astra 19.2° provides a comprehensive selection of German language satellite channels including, news, entertainment, regional, children’s, music, cultural, comedy as well as many radio channels and some channels in HD, many are free of subscription charges.

If you are looking for a specific channel or group of German satellite channels let us know and we will work out the equipment needed including any subscription cards and price your system accordingly.

As well as new installations of satellite systems providing German Language channels we offer dish repairs, servicing and alignment for existing satellite systems and provided you have purchased quality equipment will carry out the dish installation and set up your receiver for you, quality replacement receivers and upgrades available.

Unfortunately, Germany Satellite Installers understand that there are many poor quality systems on the market that will provide inferior quality and reliability, to avoid this trap call us before you purchase your equipment.

Remember, as well as the available German channels you would also receive all of the other free to air channels broadcast from Astra 19.2° satellite.

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