January 2019

Smart TV Installation services

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SMART TV INSTALLATION Are you looking for the best Smart TV Installation service in the United Kingdom? someone that provides a home theatre and TV installation services in your area.  Including Plasma TV, LED TV, 4K TV, LCD TV, and OLED TV Installation. Smart TV Installation specialise in hidden cabling installations where all cables are concealed with the wall providing that desirable minimalist look without the clutter of cables everywhere. Call us today to get free no obligation quote at 0800 0132341 What is Smart TV? Also known as Internet TV, Smart TV is any TV that can provide additional programs through internet connectivity.  It’s like having a computer built into your TV. This allows you to access a range of different online services, including video on demand, live messaging, web browsing, IPV (internet protocol television) which is a type of video standard and social networking. Smart TVs have a system called DLNA.  This allows you to stream media from phones or computers onto your TV. High end TVs definitely offer Smart TV but also mid-range and even some budget range.  Should you have any concerns or questions simply ask the person you are purchasing the TV from – What is Smart TV ? What Apps run on Smart TV? From the homepage, you will have access to content, also known as Apps.  Some of the Apps TCL run are: Netflix – provider of TV shows and movies accessible only online HBBTV – Means you can get both standard and free to air services (Freeview Plus) Go Live – You can stream international content from around the world Most Apps available for social networking, video streaming, messaging and web browsing will be available on a Smart TV. How do I get Smart TV? Not all TVs are Smart [...]

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32 Element TV Aerials

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32 Element TV Aerials TRIAX HG 5 F CONN W/B 108174 LTE CAI ST2 (TR37) 10-12dB GAIN - 22dB FRONT TO BACK RATIO - F-CONNECTOR BALUN CAI BENCHMARK STANDARD 2 CAI Benchmark Standard 2 (CAI/AB 136) Sealed F-Connector Dipole Housing Elements: 32 Gain: 10-12 dB Front to back ratio: 22 dB Beam Width Hor: 32 dB Beam Width Ver: 35 dB Windload: 60 N Weight: 1.45 kg Dimensions (lxwxh): 720 x 610 mm 32 Element TV Aerials p47115651-compressed

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How Much Does An Aerial Installation Cost in Leeds?

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How Much Does An Aerial Installation Cost in Leeds What's the cost of an Aerial installation in Leeds? well, here you will find out based on the area you live in and the TV Aerial Needed. Furthermore, this is also based on the reception and also can depending on how many rooms are connected. These prices are based on our selves at TV Aerials Leeds and other local companies. Then we simply took the average of a typical installation 1 point TV Antenna Installation and displayed them below. Also, these prices may also be affected if you need an amplifier but should only cost between £49 and £69 depending on the Masted head amplifier used. For more information please contact TV Aerials Leeds Today by calling 0113 8662101. LS6 has Good reception in Beckett Park, Burley, Headingley, Hyde Park, Meanwood, Woodhouse LS7 has Bad reception in Beck Hill, Buslingthorpe, Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, Little London, Lovell Park, Meanwood, Miles Hill, Potternewton, Scott Hall, Sheepscar LS8 Bad reception area in Fearnville, Gipton, Gledhow, Harehills, Oakwood, Roundhay LS9 Bad reception in the area of Leeds  Burmantofts, Cross Green, East End Park, Gipton, Harehills, Mabgate, Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill, Halton Moor LS18 and LS19 has good reception in the area of Leeds Horsforth, Carlton, Rawdon, Yeadon TV Aerial Reception In Leeds If you ever have a problem or question about how much does an aerial installation cost in Leeds then call us on 0113 8662101. TV Aerials Leeds is here to help and will always give free advice and will come to give a free quote if you need us. Leeds, Otley, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Pudsey, Ilkley

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Cheap TV Aerial Deals

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CHEAP TV AERIAL DEALS YOU SHOULD NOT MISS! This month our cheap TV aerial Deals are just amazing. We are offering a Free TV Aerial Extension to any room of your choice when you purchase a new Digital TV Aerial. This deal will only run for so long and when its gone its gone so take advantage today. Just call TV Aerial Installation Services at ADI Communications LTD and ask for the latest Cheap TV Aerial deals and you will be booked in for the best aerial installation money can buy. Contact Cheap TV Aerial Deals Today on 0800 0132341

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December 2018

How Much Does a TV Aerial Installation Cost?

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How Much Does a TV Aerial Installation Cost? Its difficult to give a ball park figure for a TV Aerial Installation as there are many factors associated with the cost.  When we book customers onto the diary system we try to explain that a TV Aerial Installation would "start" at a set price however until the engineer has attended the property it is impossible to provide an accurate quote.  Every house is different, the TV Aerials may need to be situated on a roof, gable end, in a loft or on a bracket or pole (there are several different size/kind or brackets and poles).  The reception strength varies from area to area, this would therefore affect the type of TV Aerial Installation required.  Sometimes customers ask for more than one room in the house to be connected to the TV Aerial, again this would add to the cost of the installation as extra equipment would be needed, such as splitters and amplifiers.  Often customers ring up and ask for a quote and scoff at the start rate, they make comments such as "it will only take him half an hour" the reality is that the engineer that attends will have traveled to your property, unloaded his ladders from his van, gone onto the roof and tested the signal strength with is meter equipment, all before actually carrying out the installation. The Equipment We Use All TV Aerials are designed to pick up signals from the atmosphere and transmit them to our digital televisions or set top boxes.  Digital TV replaced the analog system and offered a wider range of frequencies, therefore, more channels. Those who live within a poor signal area could also require an amplifier to boost their signal strength.  TV Aerials come in [...]

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November 2018

TV Aerial Installed for Christmas Deals

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TV Aerial Christmas Deals Arere you looking to get a TV Aerial Installed for Christmas? Well, With Christmas fast approaching we understand that trying to get a  TV Aerial Installed for Christmas could be a bit expensive at this time of year, so we decided to offer a Christmas promotion to all our customers. We have reduced the prices on many of our services, these include setting up a new television, wall mounting a television, adding extra aerial sockets, installing a new aerial or a surround sound system and much more.  Our Christmas deals will save you money during this festive period leaving you a little extra to indulge with. TV Aerial Installations from £139+vat now £99+vat - a standard digital aerial, supplied, fitted and installed TV Aerial Extension from £69+vat now £49+vat - Coax from the aerial into another room Satellite Dish Installation from £119+vat now £99+vat - Satellite Dish, supplied, fitted and installed Surround Sound Speaker Systems - 20% off all system installs TV Wall Bracket Installations 20% off all installations Please call the office today for advise or to book an appointment before Christmas.  Our appointments are filling up rapidly, so dont leave it too late to get in touch.  We cover a wide area so find the link to your local installer and give us a call today. TV Aerial Installed for Christmas Deals Areas Covered Teesside, Blackburn, Bradford, Bolton, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax, Liverpool, Lincoln, Leeds, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Preston, Sheffield, Sunderland, Warrington, Wakefield, Wigan, York

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Sonos Installer

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Sonos Installers recommend a Sonos System as the best multiroom wireless speaker systems for homes and business premises. Sonos provides the best variety of streaming services, it offers the best in sound quality and the various price ranges make it accessible for all budgets.  The supporting App is simple to use and Sonos undoubtedly offers the best complete and reliable wireless system.

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August 2018

TV Aerials

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Which TV Aerial should I choose? When choosing an aerial it is important to consider several factors.  Firstly, where the nearest transmitter is situated in relation to where you live, the further away your home is the weaker the signal will be.  This will determine which aerial would be most suitable for your property. One of the simplest indicators of how good your signal will be would be is to check the position and type of aerial that your neighbours have.  Sometimes when the neighbouring aerials point in several different directions it can be an indication that the signal is poor.  Also the type of aerial will indicate signal strength too, High Gain aerials are used in poor signal areas and these are completely different to look at than a standard aerial. The most commonly used aerials for supporting digital and HD channels are UHF signal aerials.  However, VHF signal aerials also support digital, so its best to ensure that the aerial you require enables the channels you want to watch, or you may pay more for an aerial that would do exactly the same job as a cheaper one. Outdoor aerials do provide a better signal consistently, however you will need a professional to install them.  Outdoor aerials are most commonly situated on the roof, mainly the chimney, but can also be installed on the gable end or in the loft.  It is not advisable to attempt to install an outdoor aerial yourself, you must call on expert help. A typical Aerial Installation should include: A digital compatible TV Aerial A mast A Bracket Coaxial cable A Lashing Kit 1 year warranty Triax 10 Element Aerial This is Strong, 10 Element UHF robust TV Aerial 10 Element UHF Aerial Group T (Channels 21-60, [...]

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April 2018

Periodic TV Aerial – Best Aerial Installers Near Me in 2018

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Whats The Best TV Aerial? One of the best TV Aerials to use is a Periodic Tv Aerial, One of the major drawbacks with many RF Aerials is that they have a relatively small bandwidth. This is particularly true of the Yagi beam Aerial. One design named the log periodic TV Aerial is able to provide directivity and gain while being able to operate over a wide bandwidth. In particular, the log periodic dipole array is the most widely used version of this Aerial family. The log periodic TV Aerial was initially developed by Dwight E. Isbell, Raymond Duhamel who published a paper in 1957 later additional variants were made by Paul Mayes. The concept of the log periodic TV Aerial was patented by the University of Illinois in the USA. Types of log period TV Aerial There are several formats in which the log periodic TV Aerial can be realised. The exact type that is most applicable for any given application will depend upon the requirements. The main types of log periodic array include: Zig zag log periodic array Trapezoidal log periodic Slot log periodic V log periodic Log periodic dipole array, LPDA The type that is most widely used is the log periodic dipole array, LPDA, and that will be described here. Log periodic dipole array basics The most common is the log periodic dipole array basically consists of a number of dipole elements. These diminish in size from the back towards the front. The main beam of this RF TV Aerial coming from the smaller front. Not all the TV Aerial is active at any given frequency. The active region, i.e. the sections of the TV Aerial that are contributing to the transmission or reception vary with frequency. The element at the back of the [...]

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March 2018

TV Retune 2018 – How to retune your TV for 5G

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700MHz clearance TV retune for Q1 and Q2 2018 Please find below a list of upcoming 700MHz clearance events for Q1 and Q2 2018. Call 07860244274 for more info ADI Communications have Detailed technical information for installers and tv retuning and industry, including UHF channel changes, is available in regional documents following this table. These will be updated as further information is released. Some transmitter groups will have multiple retunes between now and mid-2020 as airwaves are released in stages. Viewers served by affected transmitters in the groups listed will need to retune their TV equipment on the date shown, where this does not happen automatically. February - March 2018 (Q1) Transmitter group Area served Retune date Mendip (Cirencester) Cirencester 7 February 2018 Sudbury parts of Suffolk and Essex 7 February 2018 Tacolneston Norfolk and north Suffolk 7 February 2018 Waltham much of the east Midlands 7 February 2018 Mendip Bristol, parts of Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire 27 February 2018 Oxford Oxfordshire, parts of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire 27 February 2018 The Wrekin (Bucknell, Clun, Coalbrookdale, Halesowen) Halesowen, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, and the Clun and Bucknell areas 27 February 2018 Brierley Hill the Brierley Hill area 1 March 2018 Malvern the Malvern area 1 March 2018 Mendip (Clearwell) Clearwell 1 March 2018 - Rescheduled for 5 March 2018 due to extreme weather conditions Ridge Hill Herefordshire, south Shropshire and parts of Gloucestershire 1 March 2018 Wenvoe (Monmouth) Monmouth 1 March 2018 - Rescheduled for 5 March 2018 due to extreme weather conditions Brierley Hill the Brierley Hill area 7 March 2018 Bromsgrove the Bromsgrove area 7 March 2018 Fenton Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme 7 March 2018 Lark Stoke the Stratford-upon-Avon area 7 March 2018 Malvern the Malvern area 7 March 2018 Sutton Coldfield much of the West Midlands 7 March 2018 [...]

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