Communal Satellite Systems

Communal Satellite Systems are completely different in the way that they are planned compared to a domestic aerial or satellite system. It stands to reason that if one aerial is to be able to be used by 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of people, all with perfect pictures and ‘transparent’ i.e.. it acts like your own aerial, then it needs to be matched up, balanced and made safe.

The first thing to think about nowadays when designing an aerial and satellite system is you must build in the ability to receive digital. It stands to reason that if all TV aerial transmitters are going to be switched over to digital by 2012 (some have already gone digital), then you MUST make allowances for that in any design.

Communal Satellite Systems

IRS systems

Do you want to be able to have the facility to have the choice of a satellite as well? If so, that will almost certainly mean you would require an IRS system.

If you are not too fussy about receiving satellite and are happy with Freeview only, then this makes things cheaper… however, to switch to an IRS system in the future, if not planned for, can be very costly!

IRS systems are the systems that local authorities are installing. They offer far more flexibility should tenants decide they wish to have satellite, or even satellite channels from other countries, not just the sky TV option. They also provide terrestrial analogue TV reception and digital Freeview reception simultaneously.

The beauty of an IRS satellite and aerial system, it that if you do not want Sky or European channels, then you do not have to have them. If you DO want those channels, then you just plug in your satellite receiver and it reacts like you have your own dish and aerial, completely transparent.

IRS systems can be 5 wire backbone, (for one satellite reception), 9 wire backbone (for 2 satellites reception), the less common 12 wire backbone (for 3 satellite reception). Most systems are either 5 wire backbone or 9 wire.

Indeed most local authorities are installing9 wire backbone IRS satellite and aerial system, with 2 cables per position to allow for Sky + and Sky HD, which allows for a simultaneous choice.

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