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Freeview Aerials

The Best Freeview Aerials Are Freeview Aerials Worth It? Well, with over 100 TV and radio channels, among all the expensive TV subscriptions Freeview remains a free platform in the UK. With no subscription necessary, TVs will often come with Freeview pre-installed and it simply needs a Freeview aerial to get started. Considering the TV aerial will often determine the strength of the signal, and therefore the performance of the channels, we want to provide some buying advice today! Indoor Freeview Aerials v Outdoor Freeview Aerials When looking for Freeview aerials, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether to have the aerial inside the home or outside. Ultimately, we believe this depends on the location of your home (and its relation to the nearest transmitter). With no mounting required, indoor aerials simply connect to the TV and sit somewhere nearby. In our experience, indoor Freeview aerials are only suited to homes within 15 miles of the nearest transmitter. If you’re outside this range, we recommend an outdoor Freeview aerial. Resistant to extreme weather and easy to mount, an outdoor Freeview antenna will be stronger and allow your home to pull in all channels even when some distance away from the transmitter. Bad Reception Areas For Freeview In recent years, it’s fair to say that the coverage for Freeview has improved. According to the Freeview website itself, around 98.5% of the UK can receive Freeview. However, as well as the 1.5% who can’t receive Freeview, there are also bad reception areas. For those a great distance from transmitters, receiving channels may be an issue. Furthermore, the signal can also be affected by a building’s immediate environment. For example, you could have lots of trees nearby, you may be surrounded by [...]

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