When Asian Satellite Dish Installers opened for business back in 1999 we specialised in foreign channels satellite reception for languages and enthusiast use. We sell and install multi-feed & motorised dish system with a large range of satellite receivers, cards and cams.  We are also selling more in the way of IPTV boxes that stream channels over the internet without the need for a dish or aerial.

Are you interested in watching free to air DVB Free To Air TV from all over the world? If so, Asian Satellite Dish Installers have all the necessary equipment here at Sat-Link Satellite Sales. There is no monthly fees. One time purchase price and you own the equipment.

Designed for television and radio broadcasting, the HOTBIRD 13B satellite has 64 Ku-band transponders spanning the entire range of frequencies used at Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD neighbourhood.

With three high-power satellites, the HOTBIRD family at 13° East forms the largest broadcasting systems in EMEA, delivering 1000 television channels to more than 135 million TV homes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Direct-To-Home reception in beam centre is possible with antennae smaller than 70 cm, and with slightly larger antennas throughout Europe, North Africa and as far East as Moscow and Dubai.

The HOTBIRD video neighbourhood hosts 10 premium platforms, over 600 pay-TV channels, 400 free-to-air channels and over 200 HDTV channels. In addition to broadcasting television services, the system provides over 500 radio stations and multimedia services.

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