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Spanish Satellite Installers – Spains Free Satellite TV Channels – Spanish TV in UK

Learn More About Spanish Satellite Installers Check out Spanish Satellite Installers, We are your local Satellite TV Installers with more than 20 years experience in the installation of Satellite TV. There are still a few Spanish channels broadcast FTA ( free to air ) the main ones are listed fully on our Spanish page. Call Gary Here Free 0800 0132341 or on 07860244274 At ADI Communications we are Spanish Satellite Installers and can install, anywhere in the Uk, just send your requirements and location for a quotation. Question: I already have Sky, can I also have Spanish TV? You need a separate receiver as the Sky box is disabled from using multi-satellite and unable to cope with the different data rates ( symbol rates ) of the Spanish broadcasts. The dish for Canal plus needs to be at least 65cm to avoid picture freezing, but to avoid having 2 dishes it is possible to combine Sky and Canal Plus on one dish. ( NOT possible with the new TDT satellite as it is too far west ) Combining Spanish with Uk, French, and German Satellite TV. For those wanting both Sky and Spanish, German French and Italian broadcasts, there is the Force Multi-dish. This new wide angle dish is superb for giving hundreds of free channels from all over Europe and some from the middle east Note this is only for the Astra 1 Spanish channels  – Hispasat is too far west to combine the signals on one dish. For Hispasat and Uk channels you will need 2 dishes but at least the Uk dish will only be a small one. If you have need for other language broadcasts then a motorised satellite dish is the answer, the ultimate in sheer numbers of channels receivable, a motor system can log in some [...]

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Ukraine Satellite Installers – Ukraine TV Channels – Free Ukraine Satellite Channels

Ukraine Satellite Installers are the best in Free and paid Ukrainian Satellite Installations. With over 20 years in the business, we love what we do and that's helping others. If you ever need help or advice please call me anytime on 0800 0132341 or 07860244274. Since the early part of 2014, Ukraine Satellite Installers broadcasts have gone through some extensive changes. Now the majority of premium and free-to-air UK TV channels transmit from the recently activated Astra 2E and Astra 2F satellites. Both of these new satellites utilise a more intense transmission beam, however, because the beam is far narrower in footprint,  this has resulted in large parts of the European continent and beyond experiencing a depletion in channel availability. So if you're based at an extreme end Europe such as the Eastern regions and relied solely on satellite to watch UK TV, it's highly likely that you've now lost a huge number of your favourite channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five. Even worse is there are no immediate plans to change this and many expats down in Southern and Eastern Europe have literally had their UK TV cut off! So what's the solution? IPTV from UKTV2C. Thanks to Ukraine Satellite Installers of high-speed cable and fiber-optic internet across most of the developed world, you can receive high definition streaming of all the major UK terrestrial and satellite television channels online using one of the many popular options we provide. Using either our VPN or Slingbox systems, you can access hundreds of live and on-demand UK television stations and literally throw away that old, rusty satellite dish you've had for years. Why waste your time with outdated technology when the internet can deliver all this and more? IPTV is the new benchmark and once you make the switch, you'll realise the [...]

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Russian Satellite Installers – Russian TV Channels – Russian TV Installations

Local Russian Satellite Installers Near You Russian Satellite Installers can offer channels from 3 different satellites, Hotbird and Astra4 The Hotbird satellite has channels in Russian, and the Sirius/Astra4 satellite now has Russian channels, some with Russian language but originating in the Ukraine or Lithuania. The AM44 satellite started broadcasting a good number of Russian Channels but stopped again after at the end of June, perhaps testing for a future permanent set of channels on this satellite. The channels on the very popular PLATFORMA package from the Eutelsat 9a satellite, moved in July 2012 to 36 degrees east on the Eutelsat 36 satellite, very bad news for the Uk community as these channels are now out of range for us. Book Your Local Engineer By Calling 0800 0132341 NEW: for anyone not allowed to install a Satellite dish There is a new product available for Russian Channels, which may be of interest to those who have now lost the Platforma channels ..... IP Box The RTVi subscription package is still going strong after many years- order Russia 1a to use this card. Russian Broadcasts can be combined with many other former Soviet States and countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. For example, Georgia broadcasts several channels on the Turksat satellite Go to Georgia Satellite. To combine Russian channels and Georgia channels is really only practical on a motorised dish as the 2 satellites are too far apart. However, Georgia and AM22 Russian channels can be combined. For a free online survey to check that installation is possible to read the page on coordinates and send me your exact map location.From this, I can email back with a quote for the work, point out any obstructions to the signal and suggest the best possible dish position on the building. [...]

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French Satellite Installers – French Channels – French Satellite TV Installation

French Satellite Installers I would like to introduce you to my company French Satellite Installers which specialises  in French and other European language broadcasts. We install dishes and receivers capable of high quality digital pictures from all the main french broadcasters. If you want just the Free channels, or  TNT, BIS or Fransat systems, we have everything in stock including  the special TNT and Fransat HD boxes  ready to install for you. France broadcasts from 2 main satellites giving TNT or Fransat. There is the third option , most of the major channels TF1, M6, Fr2,Fr3, Fr5 and Arte are available free, without card or special box, the dish though is more complex as it collects signals from up to 4 different satellites to achieve this. One advantage of this “Free Channels” system is that channels from neighbouring Germany, Italy and Spain are also available and make for interesting viewing. At French Satellite Installers are mainly asked for free channels but for customers wanting the subscription channels too we have links with a French company which will supply the popular BIS viewing cards for the ‘panorama’ pay per view channels inc. TF1 probably the most popular of channels from France. We can supply the BIS card when ordering a satellite installation, at a great discount compared with our competitors, currently 99 Euros. Now the French freeview channels are available from TNT at a one off price when ordering an installation ( with special TNT receiver ) or from the other French broadcast satellite – Atlantic Bird, from FranSat with the FranSat viewing card and box. Learn More About 19.2 degrees East. Book Your Local Engineer By Calling 0800 0132341 Now French Satellite Installers can install anywhere in the Uk. We would be happy to quote , so please email  with your location. I have installed in Bristol, Exeter [...]

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Freeview channel changes in 2017 – TV Aerial Installes Across The UK

Freeview channel changes On the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd August 2017, there will be changes affecting a number of Freeview channels. This will also affect YouView (BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Plusnet TV), EE TV and Now TV Smart Box users, as some of the channels are delivered through Freeview and share the same channel numbers. What's changing? Children's, news, text, streamed and adult channels are moving to new channel numbers. In the entertainment genre, CBS Action moves from channel 64 to channel 39. Scroll down for a detailed overview. Following the retune, you will see that most affected channels will be broadcasting redirect messages on the old channel numbers, redirecting users to the new location. What do I need to do? The changes are due to take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd August 2017. Once the changes are complete, you can retune your Freeview devices. YouView boxes (used by BT TV, TalkTalk, Plusnet TV) and Freeview Play devices will automatically re-sort the channels. What if I don't retune? This is no problem if your device automatically makes the changes. On older devices, you may not be able to receive all available channels in your area, you may find "dead" channels in your channel listing. Some devices that don't auto-sort channels, but do add new channels may add them in the 800s until you retune. Overview of the changes Entertainment channels Changes old new service name 64 39 CBS Action 74 64 CBS Action+1** 39 74 The Store ** Available to 75% or less of UK households. Freeview HD/Freeview Play compatible device required. Children's channels Children's channels move from their current position to channels 200-229 old new service name 120 201 CBBC 121 202 CBeebies 122 203 CITV 123 204 CBBC HD 124 205 CBeebies HD* 125 206 [...]

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Freesat Installers United Kingdom

Freeview vs Freesat vs YouView Across The United Kingdom   Freeview, Freesat, and YouView… they all sound a bit similar, and they all offer a set top box that delivers dozens of free-to-air TV channels without a subscription fee. So what’s the real difference between the three? And which is the best choice for you? For more information contact Freesat Installers United Kingdom Today so call  0800 0132341 Freesat Installers United Kingdom Good old Freeview comes in a few different forms, from a set-top box to a dinky little thing that barely even qualifies as a box, to a telly that already has it built in. Loads of electronics manufacturers make them so you have plenty of choices. All it needs is to be hooked up to your aerial - and broadband if you want to use Smart TV services - and you're good to go. Freesat was set up as a way of getting a lot of TV at a super low cost, and it does that via satellite. So as well as a box, you'll also need a satellite dish installed. That can be a bit of a hassle - and is more expensive - but it's a good choice if you have bad digital TV signal in your area. YouView works with just a box, available from various retailers. Or, you can get one free with a BT TV or TalkTalk TV subscription, each of which offers various extras like entertainment channels, movies, and sports. Prices for Freeview boxes vary pretty widely since so many manufacturers make them. A good quality Freeview+ box with decent storage space for recordings can set you back a couple hundred pounds - though you can also pick up a basic one for less than twenty quid. Freesat boxes [...]

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Despite the names, they’re distinctly different technologies. But they’ve got a couple things in common. Both are claimed to land the knockout blow when it comes to picture quality. And their sets are priced as such, although costs could come down by as much as 50% over the course of the year. Ignore the marketing jargon – here, we tell you what these terms actually mean, and which type performs best in our TV test lab. TV reviews – read all our expert reviews of the latest TVs What is OLED TV? OLED is the screen technology found on LG’s top-of-the-range TVs over the past few years. More recent converts to the technology include Sony, Panasonic and Philips. OLED TVs get their name from the organic LED cells behind the screen, which produce their own light source. This differs from more common LED-backlit LCD displays, which you’ll find on most modern flatscreen TVs. These individual light sources mean the OLED TV ‘turns off’ areas of the screen to give supposedly unrivalled levels of black. They also have a great reputation for handling on-screen motion, and having wide viewing angles. Head over to our expert OLED TV guide for all you need to know about this screen technology, and which OLED TVs we recommend to buy. OLED TVs on test LG OLEDB7V (£2,350) LG has made several attempts at getting the best possible picture from its OLED TVs. One of 2017’s offerings, the OLEDB7V, is a 55-inch set with a 4K Ultra HD screen. It has Freeview Play, the system that combines catch-up TV with the electronic programme guide. Are LG’s OLED sets better than ever? Find out in our expert OLEDB7V review. Sony KD55A1BU (£3,500) Arguably the best-looking TV of the year, Sony’s new OLED set is truly unique. The kick-stand-style [...]

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