Your local, family TV Aerials, Satellites & CCTV company!

ADI Communications have been installing and repairs TV Aerials, Satellites, CCTV and more for over 15 years. We are a local, family run business who pride ourselves on providing a great quality service at affordable prices.

All our engineers are fully qualified in all the services we provide. We constantly strive to provide the best customer service available to ensure your experience with us ADI Communications is that of an enjoyable one.

Our office is run by our family and close friends and we answer you call at any time of the day. If not – we endeavour to return your phone call or email the very first thing the next day.

About Us
TV Aerials


Digital TV Aerials – Installation & Repairs

ADI can help you with any of your TV Aerial installations or problems. We are fully qualified. So if you are looking at upgrading an old existing aerial, or if you are suffering from signal problems – please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a small business, we have seen everything over the years and are able to fix any of your problems.

Do you live in a really bad signal area? Not a problem! ADI can come to you to give you a FREE quotation for the best fix to meet your needs and price range.

Our Lowest Prices!

Aerials from £99+ VAT

(to supply, fit & install)
TV Aerials
TV Aerials


Satellite Installation & Repairs

If you are looking to get a brand new satellite TV system installed, then let ADI Communications take care of it for you.

Be it for your own home and if you are a landlord looking to upgrade to a big screen TV system for your tenants, we offer a FREE quotations for the work you would like doing. We offer great package deals with discounts – so if you want your TV mounting at the same time – we can do it!

With over 15 years’ experience in Satellite TV, we can install any system to suit a range of providers including Sky and Freesat. We even make sure you’re all set up and ready to watch as part of the service. Upgrade from your TV Aerials and Freeview to Satellite and FreeSat at a low cost price.

ADI Communications offer a first rate installation service – available 7 days a week. This also includes a 7 days a week repair service. So if your system has a fault, we are only a phone call away & will have your TV back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our Lowest Prices!

Satellites from £99+ VAT

(to supply, fit & install)
TV Aerials


TV Wall Bracket Installation & Repairs

If you are looking to have your TV mounted, or you are looking to create a home cinema system for your TV’s, then call ADI Communications today.

We can mount your plasma, LCD or LED TV’s or install full Home Cinema Systems in any room of your house for the best film, music or gaming experience to suit you.

ADI Communications supply a wide range of TV brackets from flat, tilt and swing arm. Our qualified and professional engineers will always ensure that you get a top quality installation at the very best competitive prices.

Our Lowest Prices!

TV Wall Brackets from £89.99+ VAT

(to supply, fit & install. Price for up to 23inch TV’s)
TV Brackets
TV Aerials


Multiroom Installation & Repairs

ADI Communications can get you connected all over your property. We are able to quote and install you a customised multiroom system to satisfy your viewing needs. We have the ability to configure multiroom systems for Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Freeview, FreeSat & FreeSat HD.

So if you were thinking of getting a new TV for your bedroom to watch your favourite soaps on, contact us today for a customised quotation to get your up and going.

Our Lowest Prices!

Prices starting from £49+ VAT

TV Aerials


CCTV Installation & Repairs

Whether it is your home or place of business, ADI Communications can install CCTV wherever you need.

We will help you to pick the right CCTV system for your property and to fit your budget. Our experienced engineers will then install the system from mounting the cameras and all the wiring and connecting it to the monitors.

We will always make sure you are all set up with minimal fuss and make sure you know how to use your system from the start.

ADI Communications also offer a 7 day a week repair service. So if your current CCTV system is having technical issues, the we can be there on the dot to help you.

If a repair isn’t possible we will always give you free impartial advice on what needs replacing within your existing CCTV system so you won’t be left unsecure for very long.

Check out some of our systems!

4 Camera CCTV systems from £499+VAT

(to supply, fit & install)
TV Aerials


Phone Line & Internet Installation & Repairs

Experiencing problems with your telephone or internet line provider? Are your service providers charges completely unacceptable? No help from busy call centres? Telephone & Internet providers visit and charge hourly rates that have become far too expensive for simple repairs.

ADI Communications’ work is the same quality and standards of any service providers, so we are able to help at a fraction of the cost.

Our Lowest Prices!

Per Point from as little as £49+VAT

Phone Lines
TV Aerials


Door Security Installation & Repairs

Entering and leaving a building, whether it be a bank, hospital, school or office block is something staff and visitors alike used to do without a second thought.

Sadly, access based on good faith and trust no longer seems to be the case. Larger organisations also feel the need for door security within the building itself.

ADI Communications are not just a TV aerial company. We provide door security solutions with effective and simple to use access control systems. We ensure that the access system is tailored to your needs, offering a wide range of technologies from intercoms, card and proximity tokens.

Further features are available including photo ID cards and alarm monitoring. We offer advice on a range of products from single door entry systems to sophisticated multi-door computer controlled systems.

Our Lowest Prices!

Call Today for a Customised Quotation

Access Control
TV Aerials


Communal Installation & Repairs

ADI Communications have been installing and maintaining communal TV aerial systems for over 15 years.

Minus a few exceptions, the majority of communal properties receive their TV services using Integrated Reception Systems (IRS).

Our Communal team look after all your communal and commercial television requirements working close with managing agents, property managers, developers and resident associations to install and maintain the systems.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our dedicated team about teaming up with ADI Communications.

Working with you to keep your tenants and clients happy!

TV Aerials


On TV Aerial Installations

We are proud to offer a complimentary 10% OAP discount to anyone over 65 years looking to have a new aerial installed. So if you have had your aerial for quite some time and are starting to experience problems, get yourself an upgrade. We appreciate that TV can be a valueable part of your retirement or relaxation time, so give us a call today to discuss your needs.


1 Year Guarantee On All Our Products Installed

ADI Communications are proud of the service we offer and the products that we install. We trust our professional engineers and our products so much we offer a 1 Year Guarantee with any product which is installed and supplied by us.

Sometimes problems can occur, which is why if you have a TV aerial, satellite, magic eye or any other product from us and you do experience problems – we will come out to access the fault and replace any faulty equipment.


This gives your peace of mind and shows you our trust in our professional and experience engineers.

TV Aerials


Your local, family TV Aerials, Satellite & CCTV company.

ADI Communications was set up in 2000 by Gary, who with a few close family and friends have grown into a well established and reliable TV aerials service. Over the years we have expanded to include Access Control, Phone Lines and more in with our services.

No matter the time of the day, we can take your call and arrange an appointment with you for the service you require. We are on hand 24/7 to help you. Customer service is our biggest pride and we always aim to get to you within 1-2 days of you calling.

We offer a free quotation service for all TV aerials & Satellite installations. We can also run diagnostic tests on your systems to locate your problem at a low cost price.

TV Aerials


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